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  1. I can buy if you go first for 3.2m
  2. So im buying 10m for 14,5€(-fees) in paypal. Add me on skype: anteromehmed or post below. Only going first if you are trusted member.
  3. Seems really legit. The only sites i've used are abit more than 1,25€ per m.
  4. Hi, i want to buy 10m 07 gold for 12,5€. Paying with Skrill (moneybookers) or paypal. Not going first unless you are trusted on these forums. Post below or pm me here or add my skype: anteromehmed
  5. Best range xp at lower levels and makes profit
  6. i can do it if you pay good. i would like the payment in gp. send me pm if you are intrested.
  7. Hey im selling 100€ PSC for 90€ in skrill. Only going first with trusted members! The PSC are from german. I will have more of these PSC that i will want to exchange to Skrill if you are intrested. Post below or add me on skype: anteromehmed
  8. Can do those tonight if you pay well enough. But i want payment in rsgp
  9. Hey i was wondering how much Factory new Karambit Tigertooth Statrak knife is worth in $? I have some idea that how much it might be, im looking to sell it since i almost never play csgo. Can sell for rsgp or skrill if someone is intrested. Main reason im posting this is because i want to know how much it is worth.
  10. You havent botted any RC yet i can see from this post :^) Just test some stuff yourself and find something that is good for you.
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