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  1. j3pp3

    is there a working range guild bot?

    Best range xp at lower levels and makes profit
  2. j3pp3

    Most efficient Runecrafting gold farm

    You havent botted any RC yet i can see from this post :^) Just test some stuff yourself and find something that is good for you.
  3. j3pp3


    i just got banned 2 days ago for 2 day ban. Only used tanner
  4. j3pp3

    Splashing bot

    i like the idea. i would try to run it for a week straight. that would be intresting to see if it would get banned
  5. j3pp3

    Paypal refund for credits

    i can buy the credits for you if you pass me a credit for the trouble (:
  6. Is there a option to test this script out before buying? i have previously always used a diffrent premium RCer.
  7. j3pp3

    Accepting Script Requests

    its not working. And banned within 1 hour LMAO
  8. j3pp3

    Accepting Script Requests

    RUNE SUDOKU GOGOGO very high ban rate, but the profitssssssss <3
  9. j3pp3


    working (:?
  10. j3pp3

    Is it still worth botting ?

    F2p goldfarming is not worth it. p2p is worth it if you know something about goldfarming and methods
  11. Not clicking on mage at lvl 5 wildy. Might be a client issue tho, had to update tribot.
  12. j3pp3

    whats best money making bot?

    Dont know why you are asking this. Why would you think anyone would reveal their method´s for you, it just means less profit for them
  13. Servers have been laggy as fk past few days, iv died once and ROL'ed about 7-8 times. Either way it always just logs out at lumby.