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  1. is there a working range guild bot?

    Best range xp at lower levels and makes profit
  2. Need some quests done ASAP

  3. Looking for power leveling ~ Need a lot of + FB! ~

    i can do it if you pay good. i would like the payment in gp. send me pm if you are intrested.
  4. Need Powerleveling Service

    Can do those tonight if you pay well enough. But i want payment in rsgp
  5. Most efficient Runecrafting gold farm

    You havent botted any RC yet i can see from this post :^) Just test some stuff yourself and find something that is good for you.
  6. fighting torso void

    no there is not. But there is plenty of services that do torso for gp or $. i can do that too if u pay me
  7. Computer Specs For Botting

    i7 and u have to upgrade your motherboard too
  8. Bought credits haven't gotten them

    do you have verified paypal that is linked to your tribot account
  9. Tanner

    i just got banned 2 days ago for 2 day ban. Only used tanner
  10. Paypal chargebacks

    My old paypal account went years ago just -300$. I never had to pay anything.
  11. Splashing bot

    i like the idea. i would try to run it for a week straight. that would be intresting to see if it would get banned
  12. Paypal refund for credits

    i can buy the credits for you if you pass me a credit for the trouble (:
  13. Is there a option to test this script out before buying? i have previously always used a diffrent premium RCer.
  14. i can do that legit if you pay enough.