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  1. Make sure you've added Prayer pots into your inventory (ID 2434) and selected the prayer you wish to use. As a Zerker I'd imagine you'd want to be using Ultimate Strength? If you're looking to use the Attack prayer as well, Control+Click on the two prayers, and make sure they're both highlighted. That's it, you're done. As long as the prayers are selected and the pots are in your inventory, the script takes care of the rest.
  2. It does wait a little bit, but I do agree, it COULD be a little too fast. Also @erickho123 I just died in NMZ because it guzzled the rock, as my overload ran out, bringing my HP to 50. It then proceeded to drink the Overload, killing me. I'll try to get the log.
  3. It's better to have it guzzle rock cakes down to 1 hp so your absorption potions last longer. It's not an "exp" thing, its a time vs efficiency thing. I don't think it's worth Erik's time to code that tbh.
  4. Service Needed - Full Void + 1 Helm Your Skype- tim.harper.x.y.z Have you added my skype (live:teamtrustaio) or (live:tmbgp) - Yes. Are you willing to go first- Yes. Do you Agree to the TOS - Yes. Any Notes - Preferably only train Attack, but whatever you need to do is okay.
  5. Go test it, man. Nobody wants to just feed information to leechers.
  6. FappyH

    Buying Bond 1.2m

    Add my skype if you're having issues with the guy above.
  7. Go get dat cha ching. Bot safe, bot smart.
  8. @goldisthekey Pm'd you, haven't sold 'em yet.
  9. Hey, I've got 12 bonds to sell, 1.2m 07 gp ea. Bonds in Stock: 8 Post here, PM me, or add my Skype in my signature.
  10. Ran this bot on 2 accounts over the past 2 days. On clean proxies. Both accounts are banned. Looks like I'm out money again.
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