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  1. Does the script have ammo pick up option? Or backpack a must? Also possible to use magic bow with arrows? I start the script with that and it just says need to fix our ammo situation
  2. It possible to even gets kill at 75 range without salves? Also best to use BP at 75 or craws?
  3. And I continue to do everything you've stated in this forum and still ending in a freezing client upon grabbing equipment Would love to try to get this to work tonight while I'm off work so I can learn it...
  4. Yes I've do that before even starting script. Could we teamviewer or something so you can check it out? I've done everything listed in this forum . And this is correct thread I apologize didn't not realize I posted on slayer too
  5. Every time I click grab current gear it just freezes? And doesn't fill in the boxes....yes I have equipment tab open yes I've disabled tribot firewall yes I've disabled computer firewall yes I've deleted .tribot and redownload. Still not working
  6. Everytime I click grab current gear it freezes??? Yes I have the equipment tab open
  7. Thinking of getting this to help me learn zulrah. Is it at all possible of being banned? Assuming no unless client is detected
  8. After all the nice 99s people are getting going to attempt 70-80 agility with this on my main...yes i know risk banning but goodluck to me ill let you all know how it goes
  9. It updated and i restarted it still has not fixed. Bank is broken still. Thank you
  10. Mine is still failing "bank items failed to load..we are closing the bank and retrying" over and over again
  11. So.... I've tried this before and got banned on two accounts in 1 day going for like 4 hours... This was long time ago, but how in the hell are yall making accounts last 12-14 hour sessions without bans?
  12. What is best option for that bracket? And do you think ill get trades with that bracket?
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