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  1. Layis3

    Buying 300-500m

    Bump. Looking for up to 600m currently.
  2. Very nice. Patiently awaiting the runelite update
  3. this script has worked for me in the past
  4. Layis3

    Buying 300-500m

    Bump, need 500m
  5. I'm in this boat. Didn't know it was down and purchased it literally earlier this morning
  6. Great script. Only suggestion is using the keypad "1" to allow unnoting items via a banker instead of clicking "yes".
  7. Layis3

    Selling Steam $

    Ive got about $100 left in steam credits, tell me what you would like and I can buy it for you or gift to you through steam. Interested in osrs gold only. Post/message me here.
  8. Buying 1 credit, please message me here.
  9. I understand the risk, if you bot you will be banned. However, I used this script for less than 24 hours before an account with 1500+ total completely hand done by myself was permanently banned. This was on a fresh IP and a new computer compared to all other accounts. The abyss portion of the script is damn near broken and has to be baby sat because it fails at least once/hour. Massively do not recommend this script due to its poor performance. I would be shocked if it has true ABCL10 as its clicks are extremely robot like. Once again, this script routinely gets stuck and clicks rapidly back and forth even when slowing down click speed via tribot itself.
  10. @Einstein Please private message me when you have a gem mine support.
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