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  1. You'll 100% get banned botting Zulrah, instead buy a throwaway account or make a new account and test certain scripts that you can use to bot your main. I enjoy getting x amount of 99s rather than botting to make gp. Not worth the time or risk of ruining a max main.
  2. New update has the script working flawlessly again Keep up the good work and here's the session for the day
  3. Just deleted the settings again and also the hook file after you removed the daxwalker. The script no longer works and just sits there.
  4. 474 chests is very low for a 2 day ban. I'm almost at 1K total on a newer account of mine.
  5. Bot has been extremely unstable. I don't have any charged jewelry besides rings of duelings. I reset the script settings and also deleted the hooks file and the script continues to walk to barrows and gets stuck either in the swamp or in the underground tunnels of priest and peril. What seems to be the issue here as I've never experienced this before, it seems to happen at about 25+ ish chests. I'm using a fury with mystic gloves and I have plenty of tabs in the inventory + bank. What's causing this to happen?
  6. Script has been running inconsistently these past few days. I don't have any jewelry charges and plenty of barrows tab in the bank and inventory. Every time I come back to check on the bot, it's always running through the swamp with rotten food in the inventory. What could be the reason for this? I even reset the script settings in Tribot and selected the gear again. @Netami
  7. You have no clue or idea what you are doing. I've done nearly 10K chests and only have been banned for over exhausting the accounts, meaning running them for 48+ hours. You never run a bot on an account you aren't willing to lose. Next time try using a fresh account or buy one. You learned the hard way..
  8. Been running smooth all day with the prayer fix. Haven't noticed any problems
  9. Script currently doesn't work with the new update.
  10. Script only works with Rings of Dueling currently. You really don't need to use rings.
  11. Awesome work, I would be more than glad to help test it out. Can't wait until release!
  12. Playtime doesn't matter, what matters is how you bot. I've got accounts that are 1+ years old that still haven't had gotten banned and I run them for at least 12 hours daily without breaking them. The system will NOT detect you if you know what you are doing Cheers
  13. By far the best agility script on Tribot I've gotten several accounts to 99 agility in under a month. Looking forward to buying again for my Zulrah bots. Cheers to great quality, premium scripts (Agility, Mining, Thieving) @Aropupu
  14. So far loving the script and is easily the greatest script on Tribot @Worthy Progressing my other accounts through barrows and will eventually buy the 4x plan Cheers
  15. Magma mutagen on kill count 3 of a fresh account >_<
  16. Script runs flawless besides the new update breaking the puzzle door. Hope you can fix this soon.
  17. Takesoul


    costs about 40m
  18. Script is working again with the new update
  19. Will there be an update to the script? It's currently not working properly.
  20. Also just bought the script again.. which kind of sucks now since I lost a few days and now will need to wait more for it to fully work again. Please confirm this is an issue as I've restarted tribot numerous times / deleted hooks
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