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  1. ok, so its an anti ban feature pretty much , so just restart client every 3 -4 hours ? maybe do shorter break timeS? any suggestions for break times ? like 3-4 hours? and will the break handeller solve this issue or will i have to physically close the client and restart the gui
  2. ok i can usually get one full game out of using dharock maybe 2 so like 4-5 hours sometimes less before it starts going stupid on me , like very slowly clicking the rock cake until it ends up dying then wasting money and pots ... i have to close the client and start it back up to get it going smooth again , anyone else have this problem?
  3. guh i hope not man
  4. oooh, just had client update and asked me to close.... re openned it and its still stuck at revision :/
  5. im renting proxies from yohojo... one is working 2 are not same shit //// any update on this problem guys ... bump..
  6. here ya go , how does this work , do i really have to make 20 files eeep. can i buy this voucher "?? Xmouse_data-167674-1421460890479.dat
  7. added you on skype
  8. Hey add whats your skype name. Your link isnt working. I need 10 accounts non botted and leveled to cbt of 10 and a small quest done on each . Can i get a price quote and time estimate
  9. I pmd you
  10. How many Tor ports (one is free): 5 Bridge Relay: (Y/N/Maybe) y Have you added me on Skype: Yes Do you agree with my T.O.S.: Yes