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  1. Togepi

    [FREE] [ABCL 10] Tau Herblore

    What level is needed?
  2. Togepi

    [FREE] [ABCL 10] Tau Herblore

    Made one inv of unfinished super attack and then said out of irit and I still have 600 left [07:10:58] Tau Herblore has stopped. Reason: Out of items: Irit leaf (259)
  3. I bot without breaks on 4 accs. Been about a month they are all fine
  4. Steel is crashing pretty hard so it's not the best right now. Stat wise you can start with any smithing level just need the right level for bar. If under 60 you must pay 2.5k every 10 minutes To help run the machines (cause leeches suck) you can have multiple or just one skill at 30 to help. Like the belt you need 30 agility.