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  1. any chance you can give us a life long version?
  2. babu406

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    can u add Agility Pyramid so we can grind that for DMM.
  3. So I just bought this script and it already bugged and works terribly. I am unable to run the cosmic rune rout without this bot getting stuck or running the worst rout. I have 72 agality but it doesnt take the 1st shortcut instead it takes the 2nd one or sometimes it doesn't take any shortcut at all and just runs around the whole loop. When it goes back to the bank it does the 1st rout perfectly but gets stuck in the 2nd point as u can see from this screenshot and worst of all it spam clicks that same spot which is an instant ban if im not babysitting this script. I cant run this bot without feeling safe that it wont glitch out plz fix this asap.
  4. Ever since 3 or so days a go it keeps telling me No ores Found in bank. It worked perfectly until receantly. And i noticed anyother person complaining about the same problem can u look into it. I can add u on skype to show u if u need.
  5. babu406

    Looking glass help

    Thank you so much for the help.it worked.
  6. babu406

    Looking glass help

    I need some help on starting my looking glass client. So basically u know the popup that appers asking to allow access or deny access. I accidenlty denied access so now my looking glass client isnt working and I have no idea how to give it access again because the popup isnt comming and my looking glass client is just gray. can anyone help me fix this plz.
  7. babu406

    Looking glass help

    hey i got it to work, I had to go to my program files and do the same security thing i did on program file(x86).
  8. babu406

    Looking glass help

    Hey guys i just bought vip-e because of the update from rs yesturday, and im trying to figureout how to make this thing work. I did all the steps in the looking glass guide deleating client uninstalling java, and re installing both and making java security accept all but it keeps telling me "you must run Tribot using the java Jdk in order to use looking glass." so i was wondering if there is anythign else i need to do to make this feature work.
  9. so u know where the bank is located even tho u cant see the bank because it is black screen? dont think so, only bots click on black places where the bank is located. unless u actually do that i can guratee that ur one of the few who click on black space where u cant see anything.
  10. hey just bought the script its prety good so far, I saw that it had blast furnace included in it so I instantly bought it. The price of this script is amazing since its only 15$ for blast furnace and smithing and abcl 2. How ever there is one thing I have notice about ur script that I feel needs to be changed asap, its the blast furnace. Since I have dax blastfurnace I compared the 2 scripts and here is what I found ur blast furnace switches the camera to look at the belt from the bank, and it only stays at that single camera angle and it doesnt move the camera around at all, once it deposits the ore in the belt it will run back and click on the bank but u cant see the bank because it is black area there, which makes the bot look extremly bot like. can u make the camera move a bit, so it clicks the chest only if it can see the chest. and the other thing is can u make the gui have a option of inviz or someway for us to look at the chat the current gui covers up the entire chat so i cant talk to anyone while i bot. Other than that I love ur script!
  11. I dont have an account that can access woodcutting guild. my only acc wc lv is 30. but can u try and add those asap please. I want to buy a wc script but none of them support the woodcutting guild and none of them have abcl2 if u add it ul be the only woodcutting script in tribot to support abcl2.
  12. Will u be making it abcl2, and can u add woodcutting guild as one of the locations, and will the new redwood tree be supported?
  13. babu406

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    @Aropupu This bot is great so far, went from 1-42. can u make the bot run from vorrock rooftop to canifis rooftop and test it out my bot got stuck in the basement area and it stoped moving alltogether so i had to mannualy run it since i was babysiting the bot watching how it works. can u also give me some recomendations on what settings to use for the optimal safety thanks so i can minimize ban. I love your script so far btw!
  14. Me and my friend got banned also after less than 6 hours of using it. we dont excede the 6-12 hour per day of botting. and we both got a perma ban. but im gona make a new acc and try again and see what happens.