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  1. rsbotted

    problem :/

    i also run 1-2 other bots but normally there is never a problem, no more problems anymore thanks for the help guys
  2. rsbotted

    problem :/

    okay so i open up tribot, login in to the tribot server, click on new client to play old school. then when i click on start script it now says error-since you are not VIP, you are only allowed to run one script at a time. Please close your other instances of tribot to use this one. i don't have anyother instances open, i have bought 2 premium scripts that i use so i should not really have a problem. i restard my pc just in case it might of had a doublicate running in the back round and im still getting the same problem. also, if i posted this in the wrong place im sorry
  3. rsbotted


    what fishing script works on osrs? ive tried 4 of them and they all just move the mouse back and forth in the middle of the sreen. am i doing something wrong or i there something i need to fix im not sure.
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