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  1. now it just saying "idling" and it does this for 10 minutes at a time before i turn it off. Sometimes it will log out to idle. log back in and then idle. then log back out to idle
  2. I stopped using pouches when I rc. died 5 times yesterday and had to get my pouches back 3 times out of those 5 deaths. Extremely annoying
  3. This script looks pretty good. I have been using the Auto RuneCrafter script and its...ok but I think this one would be better. I would probably use like 10 accounts. how often do you recieve bans? Around what rc level do your bots get banned at?
  4. bot won't even do anything. Just stands still. trying to do the aybss. im not in resizABLE MODE
  5. thanks for he reply. Could you please add a deathwalk mechanic after you die in the abyss or from pkers? So it can at least retrieve pouches or at the very least continue rcing
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