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  1. Banned after 1 session use?

    Did you bot previously on the account? did you use the same ip (proxy) was your Ip flagged? The script works flawlessly, I was one of the first few members to use it, and i still use it at times.
  2. bought

    @YoHoJo https://www.yohogold.com/buy-tribot-credits/
  3. VIP E Question

    you could open up a new client. no need to pay $8 more haha
  4. Nightmare Zone Hosting/quests

    Open for questing
  5. Nightmare Zone Hosting/quests

    Pmed you
  6. Need some work done (leveling, NMZ, Questing)

    I can do this for you.
  7. Nightmare Zone Hosting/quests

    online to make hosts
  8. Light's Quest Service >>Half Price<< >>New Servicer<<

    Sorry for the loss
  9. nmz bots plz

    I can make them, No one has asked me in a while.
  10. RS3

    It's mainly OSRS now yes. Idk if many scripts work rs3 side, IF any.
  11. Good luck <3 be sure to post updates
  12. Road to a Fully Maxed Zerk, 95% Botted.

    Best of luck man
  13. Looking for NMZ Acc

    I can do it, Look at my Signature.