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  1. Salantrepa

    F2p hobgoblin limp root banker

    you can note them and a public fighter will work for the peninsula
  2. Salantrepa

    Splasher bot

    Not everyone is at their computers every 6 hours to log back in. OP is basically asking for a script to attack a chicken, idle, and wait to log back in to repeat. Not a big waste of time imo.
  3. Salantrepa


    because I'm right.
  4. Salantrepa


    Proxies are the biggest rip off, use your home IP
  5. Salantrepa

    Could law running ban my main?

    Same concept as a mule trading a bot account to give supplies it seems, so the risk is there
  6. I would not risk using the client on your mule/mercher.
  7. Please people do not sell your orbs for less than 1300.
  8. This seems just as great as your blast furnace script. I may have to try it out.
  9. Awesome man it'll pay itself back in no time ^^ just starting the night myself http://puu.sh/fSVD9/7581bcbeee.jpg
  10. Salantrepa

    Posting a Proper Script Bug Report

    Good work Dax, sadly I'd bet that it will go unnoticed like many threads meant only to help.
  11. Salantrepa

    how safe am I ?

    No script on the repository will hack you. edit; it sounds like your PC is just lagging.
  12. Salantrepa

    been ripped off. not happy whatsoever

    Or people wake up and stop using IE
  13. Maybe i won't get flamed for afking now