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  1. F2p hobgoblin limp root banker

    you can note them and a public fighter will work for the peninsula
  2. This came back to to bite me

    oh no sorry i didn't see the tweet timestamp, it was really bout a week ago when I sent it.
  3. This came back to to bite me

  4. This came back to to bite me

    Had my primary mule banned (luckily I had xferrd to third mule) and i sent this tweet to tease Mod Weath last week :
  5. Runecrafting Bots (GoldFarm)

    Yes I have many.
  6. Splasher bot

    Not everyone is at their computers every 6 hours to log back in. OP is basically asking for a script to attack a chicken, idle, and wait to log back in to repeat. Not a big waste of time imo.
  7. Runecrafting Bots (GoldFarm)

    Your skill level represents your chance of success in passing an obstacle eg; 40 mining = (nearly) 40% chance of success. The requirements for runecrafting efficiently via abyss are difficult to get without a ban for the average user, and is most likely not the best idea to do for mid or large scale farming.
  8. Botting

    because I'm right.
  9. Botting

    Proxies are the biggest rip off, use your home IP
  10. [07][VOID]Pest Control Service [VOID][O7]

    Has done many tutorials for me and gone first, big vouch!
  11. Could law running ban my main?

    Same concept as a mule trading a bot account to give supplies it seems, so the risk is there
  12. Best way to transfer money on a bot? [07]

    Well was your mule automated? Like in your cow script? If so, i'd blame that..
  13. Ban in Tiers: Theory by BoatsB4Hose

    This is all nice conjecture, but it is just that. My personal theory is there a database scrapping xp gains and time played for all accounts made within a certain frame, and it checks for egregious xp gains in specific stats, while keeping other skills at level 1. This seems like it would be very simple and effective.
  14. 10 Reasons why you should not buy a RS Account

    5 reasons to buy rs accounts 1) Use for goldfarming 2) Lowball offers 3) Pays for itself 4) banned so no fear of recov 5) ?