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  1. Trying to craft battlestaffs wont click on 'all' option. Clicks back and forth between orb and staff.
  2. Please fix goldsmith guantlets, as previous users have stated, it is no longer working. Deposits and grabs a bucket. Thanks
  3. Well, this script worked great for about 12 hours. Then it started getting stuck when 'dropping junk'. Tried to restart the script and I am now receiving this message: I have followed the instructions and selected 'Always allow' The gui is unable to startup. I have restarted the client, and received the same message.
  4. I currently am now, lvl 52 atm. I tried using the swamp lizards, looked back 15 minutes later and found myself in lumbridge.. Im thinking it must have clicked on a snail and kept going through the hunting sequence without ever killing the snail. I switched to falconry and it seems to be going by fairly quickly. I would like to also add that shift+drop would be very useful for this script, as the speed for dropping items at the regular rate is very unreal. Although it is not fast a, it does have the same speed throughout the entire inventory. Shift+drop would eliminate this and make it more realistic. Other than that, the script runs great. Thanks
  5. All im trying to do is pickpocket Master Farmer in Draynor. 1. The script tries to shift drop the seeds it has already dropped, causing it to click in the same place twice. 2. Banking is so out of whack I dont even know how to report it. It doesnt bank, I currently watched it run to the North Square of Draynor and back to the bank 5 times, obviously stopped the script. 3. Watched it get stuck at the willow trees next to the bank... why would you design the script to even go near there?
  6. so my account was flagged on the way to 67 hunter... what do i do now so i can continue to bot? got a 2 day ban, dont wanna lose the account, any suggestions?
  7. Just tried to log in again, and im banned. Do not buy this. This is the only script i have ever used on this account. & I bought it last night, couldnt even get it to run without it acting weird. I would honestly like a refund but.. we all know that wont happen. DO NOT BUY THIS.
  8. Cant get the Red Salamanders to work. Brought twice as many traps and it will set up all 4, but takes a very very long time to retrieve from net (if it even does). Tired reloading/restarting script. Nothing. Any help?
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