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  1. bej1andonly

    Human Mouse Implementation

    My bots now randomly click on "note" or the search-button, when withdrawing from bank. This messes up my bots, because im fletching and when it withdraws the knife as a note it says the item is not there and the script ends...
  2. bej1andonly

    Human Mouse Implementation

    this is awesome !!
  3. bej1andonly

    |w| Quests [ABCL 10] [NOW FREE]

    Could u add A Knights Sword please ? Done Waterfall Quest on 5 accounts so far, all done in 30-45mins, awesome script
  4. this, and whenever the bot finishes the bows, it will withdraw and deposit the bowstrings it has left, over and over... Can u make it so, when an item is not present, it checks 5 times and then logs out ?
  5. bej1andonly

    ExTutorial - Tutorial solver [ABCL 10] [ACCOUNT CREATOR]

    it was working great for me, but since yesterday it doesn't click any NPC's and can't peform some other actions (like fishing). It does run to the target but just stand there. Btw i was using this script on another pc then usual. edit: Never mind, its working again
  6. If i use the break handler, will it log out when it is in a safe place or is it possible it will try logging out while in the abbys ?
  7. the bots cuts a full inventory, then keeps spamming " We don't have any axes we can use" and logs out... I get same problem both with "switch axes (or whatever its called)" disabled and enabled. EDIT: this only seems to be happening when using an iron axe
  8. bej1andonly

    [ABCL 10][Unlimited Instances] Delta Fisher [$4/month]

    Could u add, shrimps in Lumbridge support. I tried to add it with custom fishing spot, but it just click around the area and does nothing.
  9. It got fixed, just keeps spamming "Hi", but thats no problem so al good now
  10. My bot now stands around a bit at the wildy ditch, before jumping over. My runes/h seem to have dropped with 100 because of this. It also keeps spamming "Hi" in the Client Debug. http://gyazo.com/e8e1a32b72d97caee718359a745f7b6d