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  1. Cool, you are a great scripter with fast service! keep it up bro
  2. Does this script also include the price of the dynamite when it calculates the profit/h or is the profit per hour without the price of dynamite? i dont know how to explain better, but i think u will understand xD
  3. @Naton Where does it show up, in bot debug or client debug when i press Stack trace so i know which of the 2 tabs i should print screen?
  4. I have a small issue when creating a Custom spot, Sometimes after it have mined the first rock then it right clicks the next rock and hovers and there is like a 2 second delay before it actually clicks Excavate Hard rock and sometimes also when its about to pick up the ores which sometimes makes me take unecessary damage, its very hard for me to explain but i took a gif which maybe explains further, it happens also on other custom spots i have tried https://gyazo.com/a034ba425250264cbac3fe5c58d14763 FIrst time i make a gif, hopefully its possible for u to see it
  5. @Naton Does the camera move like a little bit to left and then right all the time?
  6. @NatonYes i believe so if i remember correctly, i remember seeing these debug infos
  7. @Naton Thanks for the help anyways. if it happens again then i will try capture it with a gif and sorry for spamming the thread x) The script is amazing also i must add, you did a very good job with all the options and the freedom to configure the way you want. I have been waiting for a blast mine script for so long and you literally nailed it!! Keep it up
  8. @NatonLol wtf, it suddenly started working again while i tried to make a gif, so couldnt capture the problem, I dont know why that happend, so weird, maybe you know what the problem could be? Maybe its on my end
  9. There is something wrong with the camera, just happend suddenly and now keeps happening, when it have mined the third rock and lights it, then it just stands there taking damage and moving left and right with the camera, i have tried on both north-east four rocks and the other north east template, happens the same thing also tried with different camera settings still not working properly and also it looks very bot like when it does it. It was working 1 hour ago and i kept it running and was working and then i checked it after a while and it was doing the thing with the camera and not progressing, happens only at the same spot i mentioned, but the west template is working properly tho. Here is a picture with the spot if it wasnt clear enough and also the debug thing.
  10. Alright sir it's as you wish, i just thought maybe it would be easy for you to include profit/h , i think many people would love it, would make the script even better, but it's understandable that you maybe dont have time or the energy or whatever your reason is, anyhow i hope you have a great day
  11. @Aropupu have a small request which should be easy for you to make, i would like if maybe it's possible to add "Profit /h" in the paint, or atleast for Motherload mine, would be awesome. And just to add: This script is by far the best mining script i have ever seen or tried, all your scripts are high quality scripts for sure.
  12. Never mind i think i fixed it by restarting osbuddy
  13. SOmething is wrong with either the script or something, it worked earlier today and yesterday, this is the log of what it says [17:33:43] [NScript] Unique preference profile successfully generated, seed: 2719832125301 (D*******io) [17:33:43] java.lang.NullPointerException [17:33:43] at scripts.napi.utils.m.J(KeyUtil.java:35) [17:33:43] at scripts.blastmine.NBlastMine.J(NBlastMine.java:413) [17:33:43] at scripts.blastmine.NBlastMine.f(NBlastMine.java:185) [17:33:43] at scripts.napi.framework.NScript.run(NScript.java:356) [17:33:43] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) [17:33:43] Script Ended: nBlast Mine.