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bogla muffy

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  1. Bought 1M DMM off him ;-) BoglaGold
  2. Link to Scammer's TriBot Profile: https://tribot.org/forums/user/26148-tiemposales/ Chat/Discussion Methods: http://puu.sh/hpYAt/92ffccee1d.png proof it's him in live chat http://puu.sh/hpYJm/573016b65c.png Chat Username(If Applicable)*: erik Describe in detail in your words what happened: We already won the dispute, but cleary he was attempting to scam Bogla Gold. Evidence**: dispute on paypal http://puu.sh/hpXLJ/dbb4cea8d4.png Other: proof that email is linked to him http://puu.sh/hpXEB/557935d50b.png
  3. seems to only do it for bitcoin
  4. am i getting trolled or some thing ... i put 5 in donation amount and i go to check out and it trying to make me pay $500 :< still need this fixed :< http://gyazo.com/dc1a8421c2e87282e69869f351c26298 @Usa
  5. hes been bumping his sythe topics for the past week so he must not be busy any more .. http://www.sythe.org/oldschool-runescape-buying/1658179-5k-off-site-vouches-jimsky88s-07-gp-buying-shop-pp-mb-pa-wu-other-43.html @imagreengo @Mat
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