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  1. After I finish an inventory, it just sits there. It does nothing. Can anyone help me?
  2. how and now i ant press enter or write see or slashes or anything help please or period or fuking onnnnas also the letter before n doesnt work
  3. okay guys, i was sitting there using the script, playing call of duty, i come back after a few hours, and it sits there saying ' invalid username or password to many inncorrect logins try again in five minutes', i thought i was hacked, i went to go type my password in on the forums, and it said the same thing, then i realised the number five and the number six wasnt working on my keyboard.. same with caps lock plus' and minuses, slashes, and i think thats it, please someone help me, i cant log into runescape till this is fixed, and no i just disabled mouse keys its not on. edit; the little number pad to the side works.
  4. My computer was turned off when I woke up, it had to do updates when I slept, smh. I woke up with a red and a green again though, so meh!
  5. Unfortunately, I cannot sell anymore Phat locations. Sorry.

  6. I'm sorry guys, I cannot sell anymore locations, Apparently selling locations is against the rules, and I apologize, it was fun and I'm glad I could help some people.
  7. *BE CAREFUL* Most people know this but thought I'd tell you guys. Earlier I was selling a location, but I'm just here to warn sellers like me. If someone offers you paypal money, make sure it's sent by GIFT. Today a guy named bryan sent me $5, however he sent a claim regarding me not giving him the said purchase, and I had to issue a full refund. Paypal had a hold on all my funds, and My account had a risk of getting locked, which is bad. ;l I don't think i'll ever sell for paypal cash anymore. Happy hunting James
  8. My spot is dangerous sometimes, I'll let the monsters attack me for 15 minutes to make them un-agressive and then when they stop attacking me, I'll let the script do it's thing, However, It must of spotted a party hat south and gotten attacked and shit on. edit; 12 minutes after being here I got a yellow http://gyazo.com/bb9d5967f372adca9d0d3239d0767a9d
  9. [22:05:22] Rare Hunter v1.60: Rare is nearby, but not on the screen![22:05:26] Rare Hunter v1.60: Rare is nearby, but not on the screen![22:06:49] Script Ended: Rare Hunter v1.60.[22:19:14] Script Started: Rare Hunter v1.60.OH MY GOD. FOK. AGAIN. I went to go poop, came back, as I came back my bot was logging me out whilst in the chatbox it said something about "Congratulations you've found this blah blah" I logged back in and I was dead in fally, stahp, wat r u doin i mad.
  10. If anyone is looking to purchase a decent spot, I have a few again, These aren't on any major listings, however, Some people COULD know about it, I'm not saying it's 100% you ALONE, I'm just confirming it's not on any lists, Welp, Message me! James.
  11. This happened to me, Try restarting your router or closing and re-opening tribot, it's caused due to your own network speed or RuneScape servers, it sometimes auto fixes however if it's your internet
  12. I went dry for 5 hours and 46 minutes, and I just got a blue, but, Why does it always say Rares found 0: It did the with the last 2, and this one? Is anyone else having the same problem?
  13. It's to do with either your network speed, or RuneScape is being silly. You can do 2 things to help resolve this issue, first you can reset your router, and second, just re-open tribot, If all else fails, That's unfortuneate,
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