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  1. The incoming connections thing is an issue with all scripts. You just have to babysit it long enough to go through all worlds and then it can run on its own.
  2. Any way you could get support for the spellbook? I have an iron man and making the tabs takes way longer than just switching spellbook and using a rune pouch.
  3. Does this script support using the Arceeus spellbook?
  4. All weekdays are fair game for bans, mostly between 6-11AM EST.
  5. Running 3 accounts right now, one got a 2-day ban last night. So far the script is pretty great.
  6. Beznia

    Credit Refund

    I wasn't trying to cheat the system, it seemed like a glitch because it was saying 6.5 wasn't a valid number. Maybe 6.50 would've worked?
  7. Beznia

    Credit Refund

    No, I didn't try to cheat the system. I tried to buy the amount of credits I needed, no scams intended. And grats @Floplie
  8. Beznia

    Credit Refund

    My VIP ran out yesterday and I wanted to re-purchase it, but it's 6.5 credits. It wouldn't let me buy half-credits (glitch??), so I opened up Tamper-Data and changed the request from 7 to 6.5 credits and changed the payment from $7 to $6.50 to fix it. I guess this messed up the crediting system and I wasn't credited 6.5 credits. I decided to go ahead and buy 7 credits but I'm still out $6.50 with no credits from that transaction. I'd like to either have the $6.50 refunded or to just get the $5 donator userbar, thanks!
  9. Updated servant method is great! Getting over 1k tabs/hour now! EDIT: Still getting a constant 1k/hour
  10. I regularly bot 20 accounts goldfarming. Weekends you can run 24/7 in p2p and you don't have to worry about bans. On weekdays you can bot 1PM-5AM EST in most cases while p2p and you shouldn't get banned. My accounts usually last 10 days or so before I have to make new ones, but I'm making at least 1.5-2M/day each so it's fine. F2P I get banned every day.
  11. I'm trying to use a servant, but it just keeps pulling the Bell-pull (I have the regular one, and am using a Demon butler). After the butler gets the soft clay from the bank, it asks for 26 more and then freezes because it asks for 26 clay but I only have 25 spaces in my inventory (no way to have 26 spaces).
  12. Just bought the script and it's running decently. I'm having an issue that occurs once every two hours or so where the bot stops at the bank until I wave my mouse over it or click on the screen somewhere. I haven't tried running the bot with any other settings but it's when I'm using House teleport tablets to go to my POH and house glory teleports to get to the bank. It freezes after it has withdrawn my runes and the inventory of soft clay, but before it "X"s out of the bank, it just stops.
  13. Still works. Doesn't always right-click on the larder with 100% accuracy and takes a few times before it gets it, but the program definitely still works. Got from 33-47 in 35 minutes.
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