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  1. Offering anything of graphic design part to you only asking 2/5 Bonds runescape. 2 bonds min 5 bonds if want help me out also or good work. offering anything you need on graphic designing side just hit me.
  2. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/42464-dopegraphic-market%E2%84%A2-%E2%9C%93fast-%E2%9C%93awsome-%E2%9C%93welcome-again/
  3. if people are little bit intrested they can visit my shop.
  4. would there be any one atm to can support loan for me? im broke still few months and i would need a vip in tribot atm and maybe 07 gp "10m" . im planning atm to goldfarm 07 with 20 accs and suicide all. see how mutch i can make about it and pay back all with gp what i made or pay with graphic designs what i make my self. leave your options comment and if want to partner up.?
  5. this is what i got now atm in total / progress 50% maybe. http://gyazo.com/c82f3cf0eb77d80dde669ee0c9bc3baf need make 3 more pages and add all of em etc. @TacoManStan @
  6. thanks all for that information ill read it few times still and try get all i know you mean basic simple style but its not my kind of style i like mix some flat clean smooth and sharp to mix it with 3d all will know he got something else offer than that simple things. im trying search new ways to be unique and always was. everyone said unique style is good and im trying swap allways the styles. sorry grammar <3 will tell more later trying fix few things and read your option also again. thanks! @TacoManStan
  7. if you want to help me with it and etc. "maybe can pay in future" hit me on skype DopeGraphic
  8. thanks for the information & the image u took its like top of the system make it look 3D more but i think its little off still i can try fix and make it smoother. and yes this is beta versio of my site and im fixing making it till its full finished so all information will help me those 's idk if i need em but still it says my name and being my website. i can update soon again what i have done etc. do you say i dont need to do the buttons in photoshop or ? <3 @
  9. updated it @tacomanstan @Mizore
  10. need advice so any thing helps. + rating.
  11. So i was wondering about my own site atm and im currently designing it via photoshop cs6. question 1. whats the limit of photoshop made pages. question 2. how hard is it to add flash things etc in the site. etc. got alot in my mind atm :/ need just these options atm if need more will ask. question 3. i heard photoshop site backround need be solid color ? is that true or can i leave my backround in. atm current site. NEW http://gyazo.com/d1d9f7b8a9c70b674fe58c92f61b7cc5 more basic style and will look pretty still :/ olD http://gyazo.com/fc8098658d77867db57eaaf9503839f9 <- searched unique style of the layout etc. <3
  12. dat layout of white and brown. <3