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  1. can some1 give me a cheap (under 500) pc build that can run at least 10 clients thank u
  2. Attempting to Withdraw food: Name of food: Tuna Failed withdraw attempt You have ran out of supplys, logging out. Repeatedly And just keeps opening bank the going to log out button and repeat. My food is the first item on the bank and it worked fine before the update
  3. Has a problem after a trip, doesnt seem to be able to take food out of bank just keeps click the option in top right corner, then closes bank and repeats.
  4. i tried running all the options and its still laggy. I have a i7 2600k intel i belive
  5. 3.4Ghz Processor, 4gb ram, some old Graphics card. but its just only tribot that is laggy which sucks
  6. Well ever since i started using TriBot. Back in the days and till present time. It has always been lagging (the client) Other bot clients dont lag at all but its just tribot. I love tribot cause of all the scripts but was just wondering why my client lags??
  7. Bump!! Need help
  8. Okay i have been reading some guides on how to bot safe and some other things. was just wondering where can i setup a vpn or whatever so i can start botting without using my ip?? link me some sites would be greatly appreciated
  9. Just got banned even after buying vip 6 hours ago and btw where was this proxy im supposed to get?
  10. awesome got banned using this just now after buying vip a few hours ago....
  12. Just purchased a vip trial. And i got to add a script from the repository and not showing. just showing scripts i used months ago! help.. pls
  13. cool!
  14. getting 40k exp an hour with 88 str salve amulet...