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  1. just take some time and do lost city, its super easy and the dlong is much better than whatever youd use instead.
  2. Hi Mute, I still can't seem to get the cannon to work. It only works when I set the tile and run the script as I'm standing on the exact tile, but when it banks and comes back, it won't put the cannon down and just stands there. Not too sure what's wrong, need your help, thanks. The re-aggression aspect seems to not work sometimes, I've only had problems with re-aggression on the east side of crabs but the west side seems ok. Correction, it appears both sides do not work anymore. Not trying to blast your script just stating errors that may be useful in fixing.
  3. What is your issue?: Can't seem to get the bot to set up the cannon. What happened exactly?: The bot will stand still and auto-retaliate and say "setting up the cannon" but doesn't do it. What was the status on the paint?: As stated before, "setting up the cannon" What location were you in? West Rockcrabs Bot debug?: Client debug?:
  4. Damn. Ok thanks.
  5. Just wondering how to make your bot take breaks.
  6. Thank you.
  7. How do you pay with paypal, it doesn't give me a paypal option. Just credit card and BitCoin.
  8. It says the card doesn't support this purchase, is there any way I could use the card to get credits?
  9. Thanks for the advice
  10. Thanks
  11. Should an account for staking not have prayer, and if it does have prayer does it really matter?
  12. Before I buy this script I was wondering what stats are good for a staking account. I have a main but it has prayer which idk if that matters or not.