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  1. z4ck18

    3 accounts cleaned

    look all i know is i'm not a avid clicker of links, the only thing i use that is remotely questionable is the tribot client, i just find it odd that within a week of using all 3 of these accounts on tribot all 3 are compromised the same night. i have used tribot for years as well, but that doesnt settle my unrest that this happened so coincidentally.
  2. z4ck18

    3 accounts cleaned

    Impossible, i haven't downloaded anything random and the only one i ended up using with these 3 accounts was tribot. the only account used by the other clients and not tribot remained safe. I've also been able to find 0 evidence of a RAT.
  3. all 3 of my accounts were cleaned over night, all with different passwords, the only common figure is the tribot client. this would mean that only someone with access to the client itself would be able to accomplish this because i didnt use the same script commonly on all 3 accounts.
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