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  1. Has been working fine until today, no longer shift drops and yes I have it enabled in scripts settings and in the osrs client. Unfortunately not useful to me if it doesn't drop fast.
  2. Was a Runescape update recently, pretty much no scripts are working ?. The developers are working on an update to tribot.
  3. Finally managed to work out the logic builder and got it to work for Ardougne Chaos druids, i was just over complicating it.. Great script just a few small issues, first one being that it will sometimes go up and down the ladder in the room with the druids and it will just stop working, I did fix that by setting npc's to right click though so it doesn't really matter. Second is that sometimes it will just stop working and I will have to move the camera a touch and it finds the druid and starts working again, and thirdly sometimes when running back from the bank to the druids it will get stuck outside the fence line and just stop there, now this one could be my fault not setting up logic correctly but it only does it like 1/5 times... These issues aren't that bad cause I baby sit the bot anyway, but just thought I would bring them to your attention, cheers!
  4. Purchased but am hopeless at using, thought it came with some presets for chaos druids ?
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