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  1. Hello guys. I am developing flax bot. I am new at bot scripting so i would like to ask for help. Can someone check my script source code and tell me whats wrong. I tried implement ABC2 but i am not sure does this work properly. Soure code: http://pastebin.com/rbWPqS2A Thanks for help.
  2. BUMP! Maybe someone know about that?
  3. I mean i want to collect data while script running and after that create chart where i could see my script reaction time and etc.
  4. Hi. I'am interesting is my script have good Anti-ban rate. I mean i want to know how good this script is. I looking for something like this https://tribot.org/forums/topic/60719-tribot-release-9300_0-abc2/ article reaction time chart where i could compare results. It is possible to get something like that? I know i can check my score by this article: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/31969-guide-to-implementing-anti-ban-compliance/, but this can't guarantee that my script are good. Thank you.
  5. Xmouse_data-16373-1467715470802.dat Xmouse_data-16373-1467716353708.dat Xmouse_data-16373-1467717252904.dat Xmouse_data-16373-1467718267011.dat Xmouse_data-16373-1467719282776.dat Xmouse_data-16373-1467719815533.dat Xmouse_data-16373-1467720419488.dat Xmouse_data-16373-1467721005255.dat Xmouse_data-16373-1467721494756.dat Xmouse_data-16373-1467722110320.dat Xmouse_data-16373-1467722705071.dat Xmouse_data-16373-1467723200165.dat Xmouse_data-16373-1467729602390.dat Xmouse_data-16373-1467730417727.dat Xmouse_data-16373-1467731200477.dat Xmouse_data-16373-1467731732573.dat Xmouse_data-16373-1467732364984.dat Xmouse_data-16373-1467733058864.dat Xmouse_data-16373-1467733715593.dat Xmouse_data-16373-1467734369597.dat