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  1. You'll have to be more specific as to what's causing it to stop.
  2. Yes, I'll add that in when I have time. Very busy nowadays. Thanks! and yes
  3. Use a fire staff. I only made it check nature runes for alching. If you don't have a fire staff for some reason, I'll just add the feature. But I'm too lazy to update it I honestly have no clue why it does that...I'll have to test that for myself and that would require an account, which I don't have :/ if someone gives me an account with runes I can try to find the bug.
  4. The only walking that this script does is that it makes sure you are near where you started the script. So make sure you're not starting it in ge.
  5. I actually did implement a failsafe for this. Maybe I need to recode it, can you try again and let me know if it happens. And what it does when it gets stuck? Thanks.
  6. Not anytime soon. Too much schoolwork. But, eventually when I have time.
  7. Thanks. I'll fix that in next update.
  8. Not saying you were rude. Just saying that you need to think about how alching works. When runescape updates, tribot needs to update. So you have to wait a bit, I have no control over how fast tribot is updated.
  9. Most likely a misclick by the bot, not the script. You can try starting away from a bank. If it happens often, I'll put in a check for it. Thanks. The reason I didn't put in a delay to wait for animation is finish is because I felt that it would slow the script down. If it slows exp because it alches a bit more than it stuns, I will put in a small delay for it. Bro...I'm not a rude guy. So I'm going to have you think about what you just said.
  10. Yes, but I don't have any accounts to perform testing on since I don't play too much anymore. If you lend me account, I will add the spells you want.
  11. Maybe in the future. That's too much for a free script imo. Just go to a place with multicombat The tribot API should solve random events.
  12. Sorry for the late reply, but where was this happening?
  13. Good suggestion. Will work on this when I have time. I'm busy nowadays to continuously update my scripts.
  14. Will add this soon. I'm quite busy these days. It works fine.