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  1. tried to use his site but hes not online
  2. closed
  3. im gonna try and give it a go and make one. i been flipping a lot lately so i understand how a bot for it should work.
  4. will you please add a option if you are ranging dragons to always stay away from melee distance? would save a lot of food and make task go faster. thanks!
  5. can you add if you are ranging dragons it always stays away from melee distance. also turoth task to use bolts? also can you add a wait after it finishes the last kill of a task to check the drop could lose out on a good loot.
  6. thanks! ill use the bug report for now on
  7. The pathing for the spirit tree telleport in varock is off. I think because of the ge update it walks a longer way and messes up a few times before it gets to the tree