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  1. ekd2

    Looking Glass problem

    Yeah, thats exactly what i tried. Still doesn't work.
  2. Hello everyone, i have problem with LG not hooking to OSBuddy. I tried both 32 and 64 bit versions of java and i also tried version 102 and 131... nothing. It says it can't find client
  3. ekd2

    Help with Paypal

    But mine doesn't say fraud, it says that i need verified paypal bank account to buy credits...which i did verify a week ago and i still can't buy them...
  4. ekd2

    Help with Paypal

    Why would it mark my paypal as fraud? I never did anything bad with it, it says i need to verify bank account, which i have.
  5. ekd2

    Help with Paypal

    Hello everyone, i want to buy credits through paypal but it says i need verified paypal account. The problem is that my paypal says its verified. What's the problem? Thanks
  6. Hey, i would to know why does it have to be so complicated to buy VIP? You need to buy credits, which you can't buy with normal paypal account, you must have verified email and paypal, which i have and i still can't buy them... Why is it so complicated?