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  1. Looking Glass problem

    Yeah, thats exactly what i tried. Still doesn't work.
  2. Hello everyone, i have problem with LG not hooking to OSBuddy. I tried both 32 and 64 bit versions of java and i also tried version 102 and 131... nothing. It says it can't find client
  3. Help with Paypal

    But mine doesn't say fraud, it says that i need verified paypal bank account to buy credits...which i did verify a week ago and i still can't buy them...
  4. Help with Paypal

    Why would it mark my paypal as fraud? I never did anything bad with it, it says i need to verify bank account, which i have.
  5. Help with Paypal

    Hello everyone, i want to buy credits through paypal but it says i need verified paypal account. The problem is that my paypal says its verified. What's the problem? Thanks
  6. Hey, i would to know why does it have to be so complicated to buy VIP? You need to buy credits, which you can't buy with normal paypal account, you must have verified email and paypal, which i have and i still can't buy them... Why is it so complicated?
  7. Is TRiBot Unbannable?

    What if i use TRiBot, but only use basic methods so i wouldn't have to make own client. Let's say Mouse Move method, but i would implement my own algorithm to get from point A to point B on screen and then Mouse Click. Let's think of basic script like alcher, you only move mouse and click. It should be unbannable then..or?
  8. Is TRiBot Unbannable?

    If you use ABC2 method to generate reaction time, yes. But if you generate numbers based on normal distribution to be centered about lets say 350 ms you have different behaviour then with normal random number generator.
  9. Is TRiBot Unbannable?

    If you generate quick reaction times with normal distribution based on human data tribot users have collected, instead of pseudo generator, you can get pretty believable results, or am i wrong?
  10. Is TRiBot Unbannable?

    But if you use private script on just only 1 account and ABC2 uses unique character profile for clicks and reaction times... I mean if you play like human, you are human, they can't ban you or else all legit players would be banned. All they can detect is your mouse and keyboad, that is the only input to the game. If you make it human like - you are human, do you know what i mean?
  11. Hello everyone,i was just thinking about methods jagex is using to ban bots. I am wondering whether it is possible to get ban when you are botting in ideal conditions - like lets say hypotetically you have fresh new IP never logged in to runescape, you have fresh new computer, you will log into runescape with Looking Glass Bot and use private script with ABC2 methods implemented 100% and debugged to be without mistakes and you watch for the bot all day and respond to everyone. Can jagex still detect you are botting? If so, how? I mean when it looks like 100% you're not a bot, your reaction times are human like, click points are human like... what's the difference between human playing then and bot, how they can differentiate them apart?