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  1. @Aropupu Thoughts on 3-tick mining? Could you see this being implemented?
  2. (But only at the end; when time is ABOUT to run out and you have more than 5 urns left) i know there's already an option for "check for snakes"
  3. Right click on the urns and search for snakes. It has a lesser fail rate than just simply clicking on the urn.
  4. @Aropupu Scene: When the timer is about to run out in the pyramid, the bot clicks on urns. But there are 10 urns left and only 20 seconds! Suggestion: Add an option so that the bot can "search" the urns for maximum xp gains. Easy to implement?
  5. I apologize if it came off rude, I apologize for my inappropriate behavior. Much appreciated for looking into the problem.
  6. @Starfox When cooking at Rouge's Den. It'll use the item on the fire. Then use it again on the fire. Then try to select "cook all" Then it uses the item on the fire again. ? What the heck How can I get a refund? Thought I should take a chance and buy your script over Trilez's and it went horribly.
  7. @Aropupu Will you add a GEM BAG support? For powermining option, I selected the option to keep gems, however, it just drops it.
  8. @Aropupu Is pharoh's sceptre not going to be added anytime soon?
  9. Okay, the next time a problem arises, I will contact you. Perhaps it is a problem on my part and I didn't know. Thanks. Edit: @Aropupu Is there a demand for using the Pharaoh's sceptre? It'd help out with the XP gains a bit.
  10. Yeah I start with lobster in my inventory. It withdraws lobsters, then somehows scrolls to my 8th tab all the way to the bottom and withdraws trouts. @Aropupu Also, there's also something wrong after it leaves the pyramid, it just stands in the corner of the Sophanem gate. When I take a 13 minute break or something I would come back to the bot just standing there. Will provide more info if asked, Thank you .
  11. Aropupu @Aropupu Went ahead and bought the script, (it does not require VIP). I have to say, this is the first script from you where I do not feel safe at all botting. I put lobsters at the top of my bank, it withdraws it on the first run in Sophanem, but after it needs to bank, it withdraws trouts. LUCKILY I caught the bot before it perpetually did this...: After starting the minigame, it just ran past the speartrap and failed 40 times, I was at 21 hp... (This was on the first level, so I've been babysitting ever since) Do you need more information for failsafes? Others: It does the job, but baby sit just in case until this is fixed.
  12. Quick Question: You don't need to be VIP to use this do you?
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