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  1. Weird. It seems to log out a lot when I've lost aggro, logs back in, runs to custom agro spot and then back to the crabs.
  2. is it supposed to logout everytime before it resets aggro? seems very unnecessary.
  3. Since the "end script after x kills" update, i've been running the script 3 times a day, killing between 60-75 zulrahs each session. So far so good.
  4. Runeloader and OSB are back up, hopefully wont be too long before bot is fixed.
  5. Exactly this, pretty bored of people banging on about breaks and how long they should break for.
  6. Not much you can do apart from not using zulrah teleport which will save you 10.5k a kill.
  7. I use ahrims/karils with no b gloves and 95 mage/87 range and i still manage 15 kills/hr
  8. Not really a major problem is it? @Worthy is there any reason why the script sometimes randomly stops, it said too many instances? Is this a tribot bug?
  9. @deepsquat19 kills an hour is amazing, what gear/stats?
  10. They seem to be cracking down a lot faster lately
  11. Bot busting moderate, what's the difference? OSBOT
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