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  1. Yeah sure mate thats why your bumping a thread for three days straight trying to sell $28 of gold.
  2. wow thats amazing!! sick
  3. I could use some appreciation too! So thanks for thanking me for thanking you!
  4. Didnt see that but u made me check all path related stuff i found isTileWalkable, which works, thanks!
  5. Hey, I've been diving into the api and have found alot of useful things but quite a few other things remain unclear; 1. What is rscharacter.getwalkingqueue(x + y)? It always returns a 10 sized array with the first 4 values being 40-70 and the rest 0,0. 2. How can i find out when the next gametick starts? I've been using Game.getloopcycle, which seems to increment every 30 ms. does that mean gameloopcycle % 30 == 0 = new tick or is it not synced? 3. Is it possible to find out if a tile is traversable? Tile.isclickable seems to be returning true even when using untraversable tiles. I could check for objects on that tile and see if the type of object cannot be walked on but that doesn't work for walls etc. Hope someone can help me out
  6. hmk ill do that
  7. Im trying to determine if and when a certain monster might attack me, so i looked at getWalkingQueueX + y as that sounded useful. However, i have no idea what it is actually returning. The size of the array seems to be 10 with the last 6 always 0 - 0, and the first 4 being a number between 40-70, even if its safespotted. Can someone enlighten me? thx J
  8. can u make a tutorial on picking up females please im having a hard time
  9. So yesterday i spend 12 hours writing my first script. I wrote my own event framework, now after reading some script application threads, someone referred to several Task frameworks, which is basically what i was making but better. I'm happy that i found it but also slightly pissed of that i wasted an entire day. Are there any other good frameworks/snippets that adapt the tribot api for increased consistency/quality? I rather not waste another day trying to write a inferior custom implementation. thx!
  10. restart client 20 times..doesnt fix. he tries it once...badaboom. thx for the magic
  11. ok np i only have a few monkfish anyways. pmed u
  12. sure but please dont open bankdetails.txt
  13. np same here. it just says Error Loading Local Script:Main. it was working before O_o. tried deleting my .tribot folder but didnt fix
  14. yeah thats what i've been doing..i literally have a main class with that implements script with an empty run, put it directly under scripts and still get the error
  15. i thought packaging might not be possible because your also not alowed to use other jars. i guess its unrelated, because i cant even run a class with an empty run() overridden lol im probably being retarded somehow but its to late to realise