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  1. Thanks taco, does anyone know what to spend the cash you make with this script on? XD
  2. Note to Beginners : It is always hard to keep up merching for the reason that when people see you in one place buying and selling and soemtiems both at the same time, they will immediately notice you are merching and undercut you. The way to beat them is to NOT lower your price, you could buy them out if its worth the profit but generally I would say no as those type of sellers usually just come and go
  3. If you have been banned it would be helpful to let other guys know which item got you banned so we could watch out for reporters
  4. Very good script, turned 3Mill into 7.2mill in one night! keep up the good work
  5. Very smooth, paid and received coins within 5 Minutes. Great Seller
  6. Hi, when someone offers more items than I can afford it just accepts the trade, is there a way this could be tackled or is this unavoidable to those of us who do not have a lot of money?
  7. Hey, I have bought the $15 lifetime script however, every option under Selling Price is greyed out and I cannot use it doesn't the $15 come with those options enabled? ------------------ sorry just went full retard, only jsut saw advanced options
  8. I am aware that this guy is already banned but im just posting his IP so if anyone has any methods that could fuck him over please do not hesitate to do so. GF 4m Details: Chandler McKorn (The recipient of this payment is Verified) Email: [email protected]
  9. I have recently created a website design in photoshop but now I have been trying for days on end to code it in dreamweaver with no success. Does anyone here know html and css coding that can help me out?
  10. No problem, Good luck with your business absolutely loved your service
  11. HUGE Vouch for this guy got me 60-70 strength on my obby mauler in just 2 days I thought it would take much longer! Great service and all around nice guy
  12. Just paid for 60-70 strength on my obby mauler, lets hope it goes well..
  13. How much would 60-70 strength be on an obby mauler?
  14. Ah it ran flawlessly for 3 hours, then on the 3:30 hour it died to a swarm random even with a ring of life
  15. Why not use social engineering with another scripter and do it for free?