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  1. awesome script (: is it possible to support coal bag and does this have ABCL10?
  2. does this teleport to turael with games necklace and vannaka with edgeville teleport or does it only use varrock, fally, lumbridge, and cammy ?
  3. Does anyone also have a looking glass overlap when you use two looking glass clients? I can a faint image of the tab #2 when i click on tab#1. Also, the bots experience and level GUIs are based off my tab#1 looking glass instead of tab#2? I'm not sure if this is supposed to be happening normally.
  4. Yeahh but this is the AI script automatically doing this on its own. So the AI actually decided the prices which is why I'm looking to see why this only happens to feathers
  5. For some reason when I add feathers to my item list, it gets stuck typing in 1gp as the buy price and continues to repeat this forever. any ideas how to fix this? Every other item seems to work fine
  6. is there a fix to the image on the bot panel or is it still not working?
  7. I purchased VIP Extended and i was wondering how to load the human mouse movement data? I get the error "could not load human mouse data. reason: human mouse data encryption key not found"
  8. edit: i figured it out
  9. In my Bot Debug section it says: [01:13:08] Server returned HTTP response code: 403 for URL: https://rsbuddy.com/exchange/names.json [01:13:09] Failed to parse item name: 11840does this mean anything?