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  1. Good luck buddy! I'm quite new at botting though, nice to meet you!
  2. Will suicide bot this, in this weekend, any tips?
  3. Thanks Rapidz, I'm very new in the botting scene, so I didnt knew it. I think I just have to learn the hard way :/
  4. Aah thanks for the advice. You're right, will look for another goldfarm method today!
  5. I know, but so fast?
  6. Hello guys, My bot has been banned today, but I don't know what I did wrong.. First day I trained my cb to 13, then I used the premium AIO woodcutting script till my wc lvl was 40. Next day I did 2 quests, then trained my cb to 23 (with JJJ's Combat script) and trained my wc to lvl 50 with the wc script. Next day trained 2 hours wc, then got banned. Only 1 account of the 2 accounts on this ip is banned. But what did I do wrong? Can I get some advice? (Used a proxy so my main is safe) Thanks in advance,
  7. Bot got banned today using this script..
  8. Stopped my bot immediately after reading this, won't take any risks..