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  1. longest proggie?
  2. this looks really ghetto sorry to say will not be using GLWS
  3. all other fishing scripts got banned in a few hours hopefully this one will be good when I buy
  4. Never ran a fletching bot but heard your script was good money might give a go
  5. I need to get my herb up this is my first choice!
  6. might use for my accounts will keep in mind looks awesome and heard good things
  7. I use for all my accounts thanks for making this script your a legend
  8. looks promising maybe I try but scared to do on my main xD
  9. exrunecrafter is pretty good, by suggestion
  10. Never tried but plan to very soon
  11. please fix your script <3
  12. Nice guide It isn't the easiest but its near the easiest
  13. Also your not a company unless you have a website and a registered LLC also SSL
  14. anyone new be precautious, I suspect user is reselling from volumedrive
  15. "Webot4u has no friends" Seems legit