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  1. How much heap space do you use? I always end up needing extra clients.
  2. How many tabs do you have per client?
  3. Yeah I understand that. It can be hard to nail it down exactly. But realistically I figure I should be able to at least run 20 or so?
  4. Nah man just injection. What is your CPU usage at 15? Perhaps I should mention this PC is only 2 days old.
  5. I have read threads here including TRIlez's and have trawled google and tried various things but I just don't know what is wrong. My CPU usage is all over the place when botting. It can go from 5% to 30 and back down in an instant. Not only that but I can only max out on 7-8 bots and a computer of my caliber should be capable of more. Yes I have used low cpu mode and put everything on the lowest possible setting. I have even used different botting clients and used different scripts to no avail. I am hoping someone may have a solution for this. Specs: 16gb ram I7 intel quad core 6700k
  6. Wtf. I must of ran out over those days off.
  7. I'll admit I went over there too and it was okay but I much prefer Tribot.
  8. Why was it shit?
  9. My thoughts exactly.
  10. I understand what you are saying but I'd highly doubt they'd come to this topic and then proceed to weed out one account...
  11. Hence why I am not displaying the name here.
  12. Hey guys, I'm not really into clanning and such so I was wandering if anyone wanted to pk together whenever. On rs2 I would nh pk at easts mainly, with say 2-4 people which is the way I enjoyed the most. So if anyone (around my cb preferably) is interested hit me with a pm. Stats: 80 cb 75 atk 87 str 88 rng 85 mage 1 def
  13. Lmao. I've used random interval auto clicks on two accounts to 90+ mage, no bans.
  14. I'd love to be involved.