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  1. Hey man, loving the script so far. After the rs update the script still runs but there must be some slight issue as the bot does not setup auto chat or accept challenges.
  2. RSMAN96

    Can't understand CPU usage

    How much heap space do you use? I always end up needing extra clients.
  3. RSMAN96

    Can't understand CPU usage

    How many tabs do you have per client?
  4. RSMAN96

    Can't understand CPU usage

    Yeah I understand that. It can be hard to nail it down exactly. But realistically I figure I should be able to at least run 20 or so?
  5. RSMAN96

    Can't understand CPU usage

    Nah man just injection. What is your CPU usage at 15? Perhaps I should mention this PC is only 2 days old.
  6. I have read threads here including TRIlez's and have trawled google and tried various things but I just don't know what is wrong. My CPU usage is all over the place when botting. It can go from 5% to 30 and back down in an instant. Not only that but I can only max out on 7-8 bots and a computer of my caliber should be capable of more. Yes I have used low cpu mode and put everything on the lowest possible setting. I have even used different botting clients and used different scripts to no avail. I am hoping someone may have a solution for this. Specs: 16gb ram I7 intel quad core 6700k
  7. RSMAN96

    iClueSolver by iant06 - BETA

    I'd love to be involved.
  8. Yeah bro I wasn't even using overloads as it was first time playing.
  9. Gaining 40k/hr. cheers mate, exactly what I need. Nice clean smooth script aswell.
  10. Cheers erick. Just gotta complete a couple of quests and I'll get to it:)
  11. Sounds great thanks again. Just a quick question and I'll leave you be . I did a quick google search and i'm struggling to find which host out of mtd and demon would be the one for a pure?
  12. Thanks for the reply! Sounds perfect to me, because at the moment my 25k/hr is getting pretty annoying lol. I'll be purchasing your script later tonight, cheers mate.
  13. Never trainined in nmz and was wandering if this is a viable way to train pures? If so whats the rough exp hr? I have 60 atk and 82 str.