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  1. Can admin help please? -bought vip twice, cause the first time it didnt work, so i thought its because i didnt end up buying. so i bought the second time around, i still didnt get VIP. edit: since i bought VIP twice, can i be switched to VIP- EXTENDED? - let me kno please and thank youu@
  2. it stopped working it keeps saying i have used more than one instances, when i solely bough it for one account. I just bought it yesterday too. please help.
  3. ^agreed. lol is this script worth buying right now? thanks for the trial, it really gave me some thoughts about the script. THIS DOESNT SUPPORT WATER ORB. FYI EVERYONE.
  4. anyone have a good presets for black dragon. Edit: If someone could help me that would be greatly appreciated
  5. thanks for the update star! cant wait to use next week
  6. this script is A1 from 30-70 Agility in a day and half. THANK YOU SO MUCH If anyone is looking for a good agility script thats fast and efficient id recommend buying it, its worth your $6. Edit: Also got me full graceful
  7. 70-78. overnight. Graveyard + tele is moving very slow. - Also i noticed that at graveyard it dies often - it rarely eats, it just stands there sometimes Please do an update, This script is by far amazing when it comes to the other 2 rooms, but the other 2 needs some fixing. - alot of ppl have been bugging you about it, it seems as if you're just ignoring them.
  8. am i doing something wrong when I do powermine @ quarry its only 15-20k exp/ hr
  9. idk what im doing wrong, but im profiting 30k/Hr im 65 mining is that normal ?
  10. Bot doesn't even work. It just runs away and keeps clicking then it gets stuck.... lol
  11. How does it work. So if i purchase bonds for new accounts how does that work? Do i need to be logged on Rs3 and reedem on the account? can someone please explain I just wanna use it for accounts i just got back to rs again im just confused as shit. lol