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  1. It leaves it there and then goes to get it when it logs back in again.
  2. Doesn't withdraw dueling ring and gets stuck at the bank. Reloading client and restarting script sometimes fixes it.
  3. Got stuck in the bank with the loginbot triggering over and over.
  4. Keeps getting stuck in the bank never takes out more prayer pots.
  5. Bot got stuck in the bank after 2 kills only withdrawing 1 prayer potion when set to 2.
  6. i saw it and it stil switched gear and drank a prayer pot before it put on the protection prayer and took 2 hits i think. I will check again when i see that phase.
  7. Still doesent seem to turn on protection prayer soon enough.
  8. Would not recommend botting with any script at all on an acc that youre not prepared to lose.
  9. Yes this needs to be changed either so it just prays mage all the time while its hiding behind the pillar or that it puts on protect prayer first.
  10. I didn't say that that that guys problems were because of the script i only said that that phase also gets me killed and i am pretty certain i have the best possible setup and am very happy with how the script is working otherwise. Since the guy i quoted also had the same problem i don't believe it has anything to do with lag thats all. Don't want to cause an argument just want the script to be as good as possible. I don't appreciate the way you answer to my posts.
  11. The 2nd Gif that was on that post happens to me all the time and thats where most my deaths come it is a problem and not everyones internet that lags at the same time at the same phase and pattern. Should notice @Worthy when there are multiple people that have the script running fine everywhere else but that phase and pattern. All i know is that it appears alot if the kills are slower and it takes off pray against the blue one in the middle every time and dies.
  12. Very hard to get the settings right but when u do it works well https://gyazo.com/18afcb7fc81e27ff7dd9166bc701a7fa 88 mage 91 range on this acc
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