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  1. Same problem here, tried re-downloading and made sure tribot is in 10.9.14 but still no luck. Any suggestions?
  2. working well, but are you planning on adding the new build in world switcher? I think this tool can make the bot about 50% more efficient
  3. LOL i'm sitting at number 3! Thanks for your script man it's awesome, I don't think ill get higher in the scores though since i stopped botting slayer
  4. here are mine Xmouse_data-16187-1419036642517.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420026542653.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420218127275.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420219013137.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420468413587.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420469175096.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420470264147.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420471329540.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420471859305.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420471859305.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420472782450.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420473439213.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420476256362.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420894817790.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420895448241.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420995602942.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420997211646.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420997876603.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1421620894520.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1421621401495.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1421621917583.dat
  5. It has problems with the gnome gate for me, it doesn't click on it. Rest of the script is really good man props!
  6. I am doing menaphite thugs now, indeed running way better. The max amount of xp i can reach is around 85k/hr. I think the reason for this is because the double hit technique is not working. If i pay attention to my xp i see it raise with 10 for every knock-out and around 140 xp inbetween every knock-out. edit: it doesn't run from combat correctly, standing here for a few minutes now
  7. also, the script is failing at aggressive randoms, it goes op and the status is: Running From Combat. But it's just standing and doing nothing.
  8. My character has (only) 24 hitpoints, it should be enough though. I think my character is dieing because the bandit attacks me (not sure but i think the bot does not eat when you are under attack, only when thieving.) I am using a maple blackjack Edit: you should make a check if your character is in lumbridge, if so stop the script. My character died several times now, and after dieing it's relogging in lumbridge (high banrate)
  9. bandits are only about 40k xp/hr for me now, as it misclicks alot and doesnt always double steal. Also the luring part isn't really smooth. apart from that its running pretty good
  10. koek19

    Fire Cape

    Seems like a big challenge, Good luck man
  11. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/34637-koek19s-flax-spinner-12k-spinshr/
  12. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/34628-koek19s-tanner-23k-tanshr/
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