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  1. the bot currently fails to logout, it spam right-clicks the logout button
  2. working well, but are you planning on adding the new build in world switcher? I think this tool can make the bot about 50% more efficient
  3. LOL i'm sitting at number 3! Thanks for your script man it's awesome, I don't think ill get higher in the scores though since i stopped botting slayer
  4. it doesnt snare an impling, it just keeps following it with the mouse.
  5. here are mine Xmouse_data-16187-1419036642517.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420026542653.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420218127275.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420219013137.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420468413587.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420469175096.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420470264147.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420471329540.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420471859305.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420471859305.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420472782450.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420473439213.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420476256362.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420894817790.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420895448241.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420995602942.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420997211646.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420997876603.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1421620894520.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1421621401495.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1421621917583.dat
  6. It has problems with the gnome gate for me, it doesn't click on it. Rest of the script is really good man props!
  7. same for me
  8. Anyone else having this problem? If so, does anyone know a solution? I tried deleting the files in dependancies and re-installing java 7JDK.
  9. can you make it go to the safespot before breaking? this is costing me a lot of ring of lifes haha
  10. the script is pretty buggy atm, you should take a look at it
  11. It runs at 92k xp/hr for me, it fails to do the double steal technique alot. no bans yet though
  12. working well for everyone?
  13. working well for everyone?