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  1. Same problem here, tried re-downloading and made sure tribot is in 10.9.14 but still no luck. Any suggestions?
  2. the bot currently fails to logout, it spam right-clicks the logout button
  3. working well, but are you planning on adding the new build in world switcher? I think this tool can make the bot about 50% more efficient
  4. LOL i'm sitting at number 3! Thanks for your script man it's awesome, I don't think ill get higher in the scores though since i stopped botting slayer
  5. it doesnt snare an impling, it just keeps following it with the mouse.
  6. here are mine Xmouse_data-16187-1419036642517.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420026542653.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420218127275.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420219013137.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420468413587.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420469175096.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420470264147.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420471329540.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420471859305.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420471859305.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420472782450.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420473439213.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420476256362.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420894817790.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420895448241.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420995602942.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420997211646.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1420997876603.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1421620894520.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1421621401495.dat Xmouse_data-16187-1421621917583.dat
  7. It has problems with the gnome gate for me, it doesn't click on it. Rest of the script is really good man props!
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