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  1. Pm'd you @Encoded
  2. With the right knowledge and skills, I doubt this will take more than 30 minutes...
  3. Hey all, I'm trying to built a very basic website, but after some research and testing i'm still failing big time. What I ask or need from you: 8 divs being made, all responsive for desktop - phone The first red bar (=menu) also have to be made, but temporarily being disabled. The other red squares should have one image in full screen of each square The white squares have to have another background color (you can pick one) After I pay you, you will hand me the html file and css file. You may need to change some things after you gave me a look of the first draft. I think, with the right knowledge, this can't be very hard for an expert coder. I am willing to pay 10M. Only going first with a trusted member, otherwise we use a middleman. In case of the second option, the fee of the middleman is going off your commission. Down below an image for a better understanding! Thanks in advance
  4. fake?
  5. That's what I meant Anybody who got experience in this who lives in Belgium perhaps?
  6. Hi all, I merched my way up to 500M profit this month (0% botted), and I want to sell this. Before I do, I have -again- a couple of questions: My merch account is also my main account. Is it safe to just trade the full 500M to my buyer or do I need a mule to prevent getting banned? What are the risks and how does this work? My brother also plays under the same IP, on a different account. If I get perm banned for goldfarming, Is their a chance he gets permbanned aswell? Should I sell in parts of 100M or do the full 500M to be safe I dont get banned with some hundred mills on my bank? (Don't really need the money, but also don't want to lose it ) Regarding to Paypal, if I sell the full 500M what is around $1000 in 1 trade, possible they hold my money for illegal activities? Never used Paypal, nor did any payments on it so any suggestions on this one? Option to ask my buyer to send the cash to my personal bank account? (0 costs if we both live in Europe due to SEPA) Last but not least, do I need to pay taxes on the cash I gain? :/This has nothing to do with finding a trusted buyer or ways to prevent he scamming me Thanks in advance! Fristi
  7. It was the same account with no 'pm x'. Isn't zybez IP/account based? How can 1 account do this then?
  8. I am an active user of Zybez, and as a regular user I can't post more then 10 items in 5 minutes due to the zybez flood limit. However, the example below in screenshot shows you can post more then 10 items in 1 minute (22 items in 1 minute for this example) lol How is this possible? I am a mercher, so increasing my post limit would be very helpfull! Example below is from 1 username. .
  9. If you sell your gp's safe without a chargeback, isn't it possible paypal hold your money for suspicious illegal activities? Talking about showing up +1000$ at once on your account.
  10. Buying most bulk botted items except feathers. Hit me with a pm to negotiate.
  11. At what time I can safely withdraw paypal money to my creditcard without having to fear of a chargeback?
  12. I'll buy them daily for 11500 ea, pm me if interested.
  13. Thanks all for the replies! DDoS my pc only is a problem when playing Rs, or also even if i'm not online? It just shut down my pc/all pc's with the same IP? When I should recieved the money on my PayPal account and then transfering it to my creditcard, this is a way to get my money safe and will be inevitable to do a cashback? Or it just doesn't work like this?
  14. Hey all, I have a few questions regarding to the merching scene. I'm planning to sell on this forum in the near future 500m 07 gp. I'm NOT selling it currently. Before doing so I have some questions: 1: Since I'm new here I'll have to go first in the transaction. I will sell to highly trusted members only and the 500m splitted. But when does a member become 'trusted'? What actions can I take to minimalize a scam? 2: I'm merching alot lately and I was wondering if I could get banned when lvl 3 bots trade my merching account when buying their supplies. Is it safer to use a lvl 3 also and trade the supplies to my merching account? My merching account is my main account, don't want to get banned on it. (I'm propably one of the few who merch legal on these forums lol) 3: Regarding to Paypal payments, I heard people can get a cashback/refund without the authorisation of the person who recieved it? How does this work? When I sell my gp's, person buys it and transfering the €/$ to my paypal account but decides to transfer it later back? I'll just transfer the money from my paypal to my creditcard? Or how does this work/can I protect my hard earned money? 4: Everyone is using Skype on this forums for convience, also some person in osrs asked my (unexistance) skype account. Is it safe to use Skype? Heard rumours people can track your IP and disable your pc.. True/Safe? Thanks in advance! Fristi