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  1. Do they completely delete accounts instead of banning?

    i dont think they delete accounts. thay may whipe some every so many years, if even
  2. My main got banned a year ago

    tweet a jmod, they usually leave their twitters at the end of each news posts on the oldschool page
  3. Would this be a Perm or 2 day?

    It's unknown - generally 2 days for botting. Unless your botting major or goldfarming, etc
  4. Rogue Den cooking bot?

    maybe pick a super crowded world to do it in, so nobody can spot you out so easy.
  5. Member Titles/Ranks by Post Count

    hahah good update!
  6. Botting Success Stories

    i was thinking about starting to learn on a small farm. are the bots getting hammered that fast nowadays? if you get it above lvl 3 combat is it safer?