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  1. Cmon guys, everyone knows christmas time are golden days for serious farmers Just too bad it won't last very long.
  2. I can barely understand what you mean. I don't goldfarm RS anymore because it's barely profitable. What kind of solution do you think you are going to find?
  3. Fix: find a different game to goldfarm.
  4. Yes you will. Pretty much every ban is a macroing goldfarmer nowadays.
  5. Seems like Jagex is going back to their old ways of finding idiotic solutions. Seems to me this won't work at all.
  6. You're supposed to say this wouldn't of happened if he had purchased one of your VPS'.
  7. They are 69.76% mate.
  8. Well I guess this is the reason. http://www.sythe.org/dispute-ban-twc/1681526-report-against-violent.html
  9. Who cares. Probably got skype hacked or something like the rest of the idiots.
  10. We'll see. Chances are it's just maintenance. The new system probably was already implemented judging by the amount of crying threads on Tribot.
  11. Surprised to hear this. I've been making good profit for the first time in ~2 months again. Only got a small portion of my farm banned a few days ago (4-5 accs), since then I've been all clean. *knocks on wood* Oh, and for the first time in a long time my accounts have lasted long enough to reach 90+ in their skills.
  12. I would be all for it, I don't play the game and a GE would just make it a hell of a lot easier to sell all my botted supplies.
  13. So far I haven't seen much of a difference, I've only gotten a small portion of my farm banned since the new system opposed to getting my whole farm wiped out at once like usual.
  14. I get the same phising emails all the time. What I'm really more interested in is how these people got my email..