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  1. Tomorroww

    Botwatch is killing us...

    I can barely understand what you mean. I don't goldfarm RS anymore because it's barely profitable. What kind of solution do you think you are going to find?
  2. Tomorroww

    Botwatch is killing us...

    Fix: find a different game to goldfarm.
  3. Tomorroww

    TRiBot Release 8.22_0

    Wow this is a great update. Good job on working on randomization.
  4. Tomorroww

    TRiBot Release 8.12_0

    Well I'll be buying 20 private sock4/5 proxy's and testing this soon, seems promising. Edit: guess not for now. Still no option to pay in Paypal and no resellers for VIP extended :/ Only 2 payment options require creditcards. Too bad creditcards are not/barely used in my country and I'm not about to get one just for VIP extended lol. I don't see why you are able to buy credits on the repository with Paypal, but can't pay with it for VIP
  5. Tomorroww

    TRiBot Release 8.12_0

    Wont this result in a ton of people running off the same proxies and getting those proxy IPs flagged aswell like for example Hotspotshield IPs?
  6. Tomorroww

    TRiBot Release 8.08_0

    I've never had any problem with client freezing, since this update the client freezes on me after ~30 mins of botting? :|
  7. Tomorroww

    TRiBot Release 8.05_0

    Yup. Multiple people are having this issue of the client not detecting FF/DD randoms. I PMed Bradsta and lended him an account yesterday and he told me he was having the same issue with these randoms and Trilez knew about it. Well, apparently not lol.
  8. Tomorroww

    TRiBot Release 8.05_0

    Doesn't pickpocket NPCs anymore. Anyway, like I said on the other thread. I sent you a pm almost a week ago and you never even read it lol. I'd be happy to lend you an account but I can't wait around for weeks for you to get around to use it >.> I think the description is sufficient. Bot gets Forester or Drill Demon random -> doesn't try to solve it and stands around idling. I can lend you accounts stuck in both randoms if you are actually going to use them anytime soon.
  9. Tomorroww

    TRiBot Release 8.05_0

    Update broke my script Also, is the issue with the client not detecting Freaky Forester and Drill Demon randoms finally fixed?
  10. Tomorroww

    TRiBot Release 8.04_4

    Most of the time the client doesn't even recognise/try to solve Drill Demons and Forester randoms. Been like this for a while now :/
  11. PMed you with account details.
  12. Client is still not solving Freaky Forester and Drill Demon randoms.. Can this be fixed anytime soon? Getting stuck in randoms for hours on end is getting really damn annoying. It's been like this for almost 2 weeks now aswell.
  13. Yup banking is broken. Not sure if it's a client issue or script issue though.
  14. Tomorroww

    TRiBot Bot Control Panel

    Nice I guess, but I'd rather see Drill Demon and Freaky Forester randoms not being recognised by the client being fixed.. At the moment it's impossible to bot for long periods of time since all my accounts end up idling in those randoms anyway :/
  15. Tomorroww

    TRiBot Beta 8.03_0

    I hope you can fix the client not trying to solve Drill Demon and Freaky Forester randoms soon. Accounts standing there idle for hours and doing them manually is getting really annoying..