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  1. prayer or abs flicking?
  2. you basically fucked it up, i came back to the account praying melee, 56hp, 110 abs points, and didn't flick, rock down the hp or drink overload
  3. Really? Because dones't matter if I use original rs client or rsbuddy they both give me a crash after 15-30mins. Will try to delete .tribot folder to see if that's the cause.
  4. Script gives me a bunch of error when using LG mode, also I'm not able to copy paste the text?
  5. How do I set up banking, it's wierd as hell. Make a guide please
  6. If you would love the game, you wouldn't cheat on it then. Your logic doesn't make any sense.
  7. Sure you can train 1 def pures efficiently, what makes you think that it's not possible? I made my maxed pure with this script about a year ago
  8. that's jagex combating people using ghost mouse