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  1. foebotting

    [Free][Open Source] nCastle Wars

    I can add that it happened when it went up the ladders, some dude killed me and the script crashed
  2. foebotting

    [Free][Open Source] nCastle Wars

    some error [14:55:19] java.lang.NullPointerException [14:55:19] at org.tribot.api2007.types.RSObject.getModel(oi:496) [14:55:19] at org.tribot.api2007.types.RSObject.isClickable(oi:522) [14:55:19] at scripts.castlewarsv2.c.r.m(InGame.java:71) [14:55:19] at scripts.castlewarsv2.c.r.C(InGame.java:35) [14:55:19] at scripts.castlewarsv2.NCastleWars.C(NCastleWars.java:88) [14:55:19] at scripts.castlewarsv2.NCastleWars.run(NCastleWars.java:60) [14:55:19] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748) [14:55:29] nCastle Wars ran for 01:49:28 [14:55:29] You have earned 2 tickets! [14:55:29] If you enjoyed using this script please leave a review on the forums! [17:14:49] Script Ended: nCastle Wars.
  3. How do I make it so it doesn't collect the ores everytime it goes into deposit? For example, it mines 28, puts into the thing, goes to mine again (maybe mine 2-10) then it goes back to collect the ores and also puts in the those ores it mined into the deposit cart. 2-10 ores from the despoit goes into the sack and the bot repeats.
  4. foebotting

    Taking Premium Script Requests

    I have an account with high slayer if you still want for bbd. Anyways, could you make a proper runecrafting script? This is something Tribot lacks, it has Abyss, however, one with the support for all runes. Make support for: Zeah runes Stable fire rune crafting + rod support Lava runecrafting (fastest xp in game) ZMI + pouch repair Maybe Abyss, your call on this! Master/slave support - e.g. you play legit on your main but have 10+ slaves running pure ess for you. If you're going to do this, please take it and make it into a really premium script.
  5. foebotting

    [Free][Open Source] nCastle Wars

    Thank you for this!
  6. foebotting

    nBarrows 2017 Development

    Nice, good luck!
  7. Guess I spoke too soon, got my first ban with looking glasses today however it was a 2 day and not a perm (luckily).
  8. foebotting

    Can't use LG

    Thanks for trying to help out, I gave up on LG but just tried one last time and it works now?! Oh btw the latest jdk works fine, not sure why it didn't work like 20mins ago.
  9. foebotting

    Can't use LG

    I did that one hour ago, didn't help me. If you read my post I have an image over the version that I have tried
  10. foebotting

    Can't use LG

    So I have been trying a lot of things, different java versions However I still can't run LG, tried with different clients(normal and osbuddy) but I keep getting this message over and over again... I tried web browsers same error.