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  1. using varrock atm . working great.. is their any way you can add options for stamina pots or just drink them automaticaly if they are in the inventory. thanks man. awesome so far great work!
  2. hey i noticed when fighting on the east side for rock crabs it will run south and just stand their when it comes time for spawn reset. the position is (2707, 3688, 0) in the gui it says walking to crabs and it will not ...
  3. hey is looking glass still down? i try to start script in clan wars and i get message in unknown bank
  4. hey im having trouble again . it teleports into zulrah but then runs south and it saying boarding boat bs...
  5. i just got full void from tris pestcontrol... i had to run it with just regular client no looking glass. it was scary but i ran it for 10 hours straight got full void actually i got void range mage and melee hahaa...thanks for the script tri!!!..
  6. I'm still waiting for compensation ... we shall wait..
  7. hey can you look into my vip E days.. please I have not gotten a refund or credit for those days please help brother. thank you very much.
  8. I just had the same problem. no matter restarting the clients and get them back and running 45mins later the overload will wear off at the same time it needs to guzzle and it will drink the overload and I guess think its done drinking it and guzzle the rock cake....
  9. I changed my settings on the gui menu to flick guzzle instead of prayer flicks.I watched the bot and it would eat the rock cake during a overload and would cause the bot to die. using guzzle flick seems way more stable I'm not sure if you noticed this.
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