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  1. Love this script it's faster at logging off and avoiding pkers than me.. although my bank pin isn't set up yet and won't be for another day, it stayed in the bank for hours and didn't do anything because it couldn't click yes. That's my bad tho
  2. Seems to be running really good, will be hopping from this and agility here and there. Need the graceful!
  3. Can you help me?
  4. Okay thanks guy. Honestly I am not trying to cry at all. Just wanted some input, thanks all!
  5. I have never been hacked either, been around since 07.
  6. Like I have said I have used it in the past, even to 95 rcing and never got hacked. thx for the info
  7. It got me 7 levels up... but come on.. I lost a few mil, but I'm just mad that they dropped my graceful..... Really.
  8. Got to 67 Agility last night at seers. Login this morning to see your account is already logged in. Hmm. Bank cleared, full graceful dropped. I am not too mad considering I have a mule. Also didn't have a bank pink, stupid me. Just wondering has anyone else experienced. I use to use tribot way back in the day, so I'm hesitant to believe it was this.
  9. Hey all again... Sorry to be a burden, but after trying to mess with looking-glass for the last hour I have come to a standstill. This is the error I keep receiving. Originally I downloaded the java 64-bit, but then I uninstalled I and downloaded the 34-bit... It still doesn't work. I also make sure either osbuddy or the rs client is loaded before. If you can help it would be greatly appreciated..
  10. Hey boss it worked! I just manually went to the site and searched for exactly what you linked. Thank you so much boss. Appreciate it boss!
  11. Getting this error Sorry! In order to download products from Oracle Technology Network you must agree to the OTN license terms. Be sure that... Your browser has "cookies" and JavaScript enabled. You clicked on "Accept License" for the product you wish to download. You attempt the download within 30 minutes of accepting the license. From here you can go... Back to Previous Page Site Map OTN Homepage
  12. Thanks bud, will try right now!
  13. Thanks man! Lets see how this goes now.
  14. Hey y'all, I recently just got back into RS after over 3 years of not playing. I have used tribot in the past and I absolutely love it. About an hour ago I bought VIP meaning to buy VIP-E so I could get access to Looking-glass... What can I do now? Do I have to pay the $8 ontop of the $6 I literally just paid..?
  15. Nevermind there is an upgrade option... duhh. I feel stupid.
  16. Got 97 Wcing today. 40k Yews. Perm banned. Same thing with my other account with 20 hunter, perm banned. i wish Rs was more like Wow and other titles like that. Botting in those games can lead to a 12-72 hour ban, they are more understanding because i mean you pay to play. Jagex shouldn't be able to just take your membership and instantly ban you, Idgaf about their Code of Conduct. The amount of online players to this date will never compare to back then, they're losing so many players. Fuck 80% of the stock in OS RS is from bots, you'll always need them. Who's going to cut 60,000 yews or catch 70,000 chins. Players need the supplies, just doesn't make sense. Maybe if half the Mods weren't 16 we'd be good. Anyways im out! Happy botting!