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  1. Thanks man, at least I know I'm not the only one. I'm on my third account, literally just trying to make the money I paid for the script. Lizards needs to be fixed. When catching a lizard, the bot won't prioritize putting another net trap up on the same spot it just catched the lizard. Instead it will run over to another trap, either catch a lizard or put a trap up, then run back and put a trap up... doesn't look human like at all.
  2. Just purchased, really like this script so far. Last night running it i made 4m, babysitting it a little.. but didn't really have to at all. Today though i have not been able to do a single run at all in LG or without it. The bot simple takes forever to do anything, in the picture i posted the bot killed a wyvern, waited for the loot, then attacked another one, then didn't even pick it up, because someone else did. It is taking forever to register when to eat food, when it is in combat.. basically it is so slow when it has to do anything. At this time i am unable to even run it. IF anyone has any suggestions please let me know! I already reinstalled my java. Thank you
  3. Anyone recently have luck with this script? Bought it and tested it on two accounts that were both level 50 with 65-70 mage and agility plus a few quests completed and on a proxy. Managed to get first account to 80 hunter by botting a few hours every day, with breaks and always monitoring the bot. It was banned, started my second account a few days later, and only got it to 65 with salamanders, also babysitting it the entire time, a few hours a day.. Banned. Just trying to see if anyone has had better luck recently? Trying to at least get my money's worth haha, thanks!
  4. So whenever i am fighting the Lava dragons in this location, pretty sure its the East. If i am fighting one of the dragons and my character level's up, the bot will atomically stop fighting the current dragon and switch. Causing either loss in profit/h or having me to pause the script, finish killing current dragon and resuming script letting it do its thing.
  5. I love this script, managed to a get an acc I didn't really care about to 80 hunter quick, made decent cash too. I'm sad though it got banned so I didn't really get to see the true profit. My account had 70 mage and some other combat stats up. I never botted while I was away from my computer, had breaks, new proxy. Hmm will be trying again soon. Anyone here have lucky recently with this script?
  6. I got a 2 day ban on an Acc that made last month, I had a decent amount of quests done and a bunch of skills leveled. I never really did the same thing on the acc. I no longer bot on it. Two of my throwaways accounts got banned today, both started last week on a new proxy. Seems the mods are back in business.
  7. Only two accounts total, running one at once. Both have around 70 mage from the bot and are under CB lvl 50. I'm having more luck with it now, getting PKed minimal. Would love to try trident on another account, but seen a lot of people complaining about bugs.
  8. Just purchased this script and its great! Extremely easy to set up and use!
  9. I have used three accounts for this script and they all are still running. Currently not botting Lava dragons anymore though. It's too much of a hot spot. My Acc's world hop 40-50 times an hour now. About a month ago i had a better results with one of my Accounts. It's weird though, christmas night i ran the script and it ran for three hours at night, only hopping 3 times, made 1.3mil. I haven't had much luck since then though. Will definitely be giving it another go soon. Good script though, pkers just ruin it. Having better luck now with it, not too many pkers atm. I'll try to post a proggy.
  10. Just purchased for some of my throw away accounts, never was really huge into hunter. Any tips/ recommendations? When you can do lizards, are swamp lizards the best bet to do get up to red Chins? Thanks,
  11. Lol just did a hour and half load, with the looting bag. Made 400k. On the way back I guess the bot decided to walk near the Greater Skeleton Hellhounds, instantly died..
  12. Ya my account is in the 30's it's pretty low. The two times I died, the bot didn't detect another player.. not sure why. Other than it not detecting players sometimes the only really other complaint I have, is that after killing a lava dragon it takes so long for the bot to loot it. There has been a few occasions where it didn't loot in time and a pker would show up, so the bot would instantly log and I'd miss the loot. It needs to be a little faster, if it's possible. Great script so far though pkers are the true cancer
  13. Here is an update since I purchased yesterday and made a fresh account just for this script with 13 magic. Currently only have died twice, it has been pretty successful so far. Made about 2m total.
  14. Just bought the 30 day script of this. Just made a few accounts for this, will post results! Good script though USA.