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  1. With LG when it detects a Pker and logs, it does the world hop bug and the cursor just gets stuck in a corner.
  2. LG is working better today, ran it last night for a few hours, went well.
  3. Honestly I find it really hard to answer, its pretty random. It all depends on your botting habits; how you bot, your account... whether its a freshly created account or higher end account with stats and quests, maybe luck...? There has been many successful people that have posted insane proggies. It can be buggy at times, but that's why you should always babysit whenever you start a new script. My experience its great, I have tried to do lava drag's myself, instantly I usually get pked. The scripts PK detection works extremely well, no real complaints. Just need to get it to work with LG here, I think maybe I need to wipe my java and re download it.
  4. Update; It only encounters this issue for me when I run the script with LG. It is running perfectly smooth now without it. It doesn't hesitate to log in at all anymore. Will probably post a proggy later!
  5. Yeah I encounter the same problems, sometimes I cant even run it without it crashing the script. Which updates for Java?
  6. Easiest fix for when it doesn't world hop properly? I figured I could just pause the scripts and log it in, but it instantly logs out and attempts to world hop.
  7. Roofs were toggled off, in really confused why it went into sleep an sat there twenty minutes when all I was missing was energy pots. Anyways anyone recently get to at least 91 rcing with this script, seems good. My account is in the mid 70s, got a bunch of stats up and a lot of quests done.
  8. Love this script it's faster at logging off and avoiding pkers than me.. although my bank pin isn't set up yet and won't be for another day, it stayed in the bank for hours and didn't do anything because it couldn't click yes. That's my bad tho
  9. Seems to be running really good, will be hopping from this and agility here and there. Need the graceful!
  10. Can you help me?
  11. Okay thanks guy. Honestly I am not trying to cry at all. Just wanted some input, thanks all!
  12. I have never been hacked either, been around since 07.
  13. Like I have said I have used it in the past, even to 95 rcing and never got hacked. thx for the info
  14. The bot worked excellent though...
  15. It got me 7 levels up... but come on.. I lost a few mil, but I'm just mad that they dropped my graceful..... Really.