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  1. SteveBot

    Any tribot loader via CMD?

    The problem is that you have to go through the GUI to login to tribot, setup the script etc. It would be nice to have the opportunity to just pass all of those things as command line argument such that you don't actually have to interact with a GUI to start a bot.
  2. SteveBot

    Any tribot loader via CMD?

    It would be awesome if someone could tune in with some thoughts about this - I saw some other thread where someone posted a CLI, but they have removed it now..
  3. SteveBot

    Master/slave communications

    You could use sockets, but that would require you to open some ports if you plan to use it across mutliple computers, and if you plan to distribute your script to other users, I wouldn't recommend it. The approach with a simple CRUD page would also work, and wouldn't require that you open specific ports on your router, but would require that you get your site hosted somewhere (or possibly on your own computer). I like the CRUD page approach more, as it would also allow you to add things such as controlling the bots from your web panel at some point in the future.
  4. hello was looking for a climbing boot buying script do you have one?

  5. I have seen a lot of people use both Class#method and Class.method here in the forums when referring to certain methods. Why do people use Class#method and does anyone have a link, where I can read more about this notation?
  6. I'd like to know this too lol
  7. SteveBot

    SteveBoots - Climbing boots buyer

    Interesting thing I noticed (didn't think people actually used this script)
  8. SteveBot

    Very Basic Help

    As xCode is saying, the AI antiban is enabled per default, so depending on what antiban the AI finds suitable, you wouldn't actually need to do anything, but run the script. (Of course add a sleep). The best way to prevent a logout is simply to rotate the camera.
  9. SteveBot

    Creating scripts for Tribot

    You need to be VIP to run local scripts in order to develop them. You don't have to be of any scripter rank to submit a free script to the repository, however, you cannot sell these scripts nor take any payment for private script requests. The script is automatically accepted in the repository upon submission. I don't think you are going to be banned for scripting for other botting sites, as long as you don't mention them here.
  10. SteveBot

    Simultaneous keyboard and mouse usage- Dangerous?

    Tbh I wouldn't worry about moving the camera while interacting with the inventory. I do this a lot when I play legit. I can't deny that it can be a contributing factor towards them deciding you being a bot, but I highly doubt it. And, as it was stated in this thread, a very few scripts actually do this, so why would they be watching for it? That is just a waste of resources.
  11. SteveBot

    Fishing Trawler?

    What kind of profit per hour have you calculated and how?
  12. I am missing a null check. I am not null checking at all, except when checking the components of the children as some of them don't have any components.. Fixed it in original post anyway. What do you mean by caching the ids? Like run this once, and then have the component indexes cached?
  13. public RSInterfaceChild getWorldInterface(int world) { //Grab world hopper interface RSInterfaceMaster worldInterface = Interfaces.get(69); //Return null if world hopper interface is not open if(worldInterface == null) return null; //Grab world hopper child interfaces RSInterfaceChild[] worldChildInterfaces = worldInterface.getChildren(); //Find child containing world for(RSInterfaceChild currentInterface : worldChildInterfaces) { //Check all of the components in world child for world RSInterfaceComponent[] childComponents = currentInterface.getChildren(); //Skip if child doesn't have any components if(childComponents == null) continue; //Compare text in each component to world for(RSInterfaceComponent currentComponent : childComponents) { if(currentComponent.getText().equals("" + world)) { return currentInterface; } } } return null; }
  14. SteveBot

    Banking#openBank not working?

    I think it was a problem with looking glass which has been fixed now, but true, that could have been done.
  15. You are right. I somehow missed your reply. Sorry. That is very true, but we could quickly give OP the impression, that your method was the only solution to the problem. I think generally I also dislike this approach, even though you are able to perform other actions while waiting, you are still inside a loop, and are not looping through the rest of your code for checks. Of course this is a personal preferrence and really comes down to how I structure my scripts.