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  1. You could use sockets, but that would require you to open some ports if you plan to use it across mutliple computers, and if you plan to distribute your script to other users, I wouldn't recommend it. The approach with a simple CRUD page would also work, and wouldn't require that you open specific ports on your router, but would require that you get your site hosted somewhere (or possibly on your own computer). I like the CRUD page approach more, as it would also allow you to add things such as controlling the bots from your web panel at some point in the future.
  2. hello was looking for a climbing boot buying script do you have one?

  3. Thinkpad T460P with graphics card and quad core cpu. It is being launched later this month.
  4. Oh okay. Do you have more specific information about how bonuses of weapons play into this? And don't worry about dragon claws. I'm not sure I'm following you. I don't see any place in that code which takes into regard defence levels, attack levels, bonuses of weapons etc.
  5. Thanks, but that seems to calculate the max hit. I need to know how each hit is calculated.
  6. I have been searching, without any luck, for information about how hits are calculated in runescape. Does anyone have some actual knowledge about this, perhaps from some private servers? Reason being that I would like to make my own "odds calculator", where I would simulate fights in duel arena, but in order for that to work I need to know how each hit is generated in runescape. Thank you
  7. I have seen a lot of people use both Class#method and Class.method here in the forums when referring to certain methods. Why do people use Class#method and does anyone have a link, where I can read more about this notation?
  8. I'd like to know this too lol
  9. While I'm not sure, the client is probably made this way to prevent anyone from using the client without actually paying, so therefor it needs to authenticate the user every now and then.
  10. To add onto this, it seems like many aspects of the Trading API is broken. Trading.remove() doesn't work either.
  11. Not at all. This means that they will show us their thoughts so far on the content so they can receive feedback from the community. After this has been done, I think it needs to be polled, and then there will be weeks/months until it is released
  12. The banking api has been working fine with GE for a long time, but this bug is occuring for me now.
  13. I know you are trying to help, but this is a legit bug. I know what I am doing.
  14. Wow, I just got extremely excited, but it seems like this was a phishing attempt? :'(
  15. I am using my own script, and I am using the banking api.