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  1. Tohan

    What happens if you press the deactivate button?

    Nope it just gets removed from ur sdn, time continues it'll still expire in the next 5 days iirc.
  2. Seems like the bot does nothing after completing a break, recent issue though was working perfectly fine before the ds2 update, did anything break?
  3. Was wondering is it possible to increase the time limit between account creation? Maximum is currently 60mins, possible to set it to like 3hour per acc or so?
  4. I think the tutorial was updated with a new dialog at the final part (The mage), whereas it asks if you're interested to become an Iron man, the script continuously gets stuck at that part since I'm assuming you're not aware of that yet.
  5. Tohan

    [i] TitheFarmPro

    Edited, post above already linked it to you, posting at the same time lol ftw.
  6. Tohan

    Sigma wyverns

    Script dispute : https://tribot.org/forums/forum/172-script-dispute/ Guidelines you must note : Try to contact the author of the script and let him know your problem and see if he can issue you a refund, I don't think anyone except the original scripter can help you, unless he doesn't reply then moderators can probably intervene.
  7. Tohan

    TRiBot Release 9.305_1 - Temporary Patch

    Idk, sorry that I don't write my own script and make as much money as you :feelsbad:
  8. Tohan

    TRiBot Release 9.305_1 - Temporary Patch

    LG = looking glass, whereas you use osbuddy to bot instead of a bot client; it's free to all VIP+ users and some say it has a lower banrate, but it doesn't work right now. Most hooks are broken and probably nothing will work till it's fixed, but the update earlier said login bot will be fixed soon though once that gets going the normal client will probably work with flickering screen.
  9. Tohan

    Need a decent money making script

    Most of my scripts aren't working right now but it's mainly due to the client after the Thursday new client update, I assume it's the same problem for you. There's most likely nothing wrong with the scripts just the client needs to be updated by trilez. You can probably check the update status by clicking on those huge red boxes at the top
  10. Tohan

    Need a decent money making script

    That's basically all you need to run an air orber, food and what hp to eat at and have a staff of air equipped and that's about it. And I'm pretty sure u can try using the script arguements if the gui doesn't work implicating if the script had one
  11. Tohan

    Need a decent money making script

    Yeah your refund will likely be declined if you keep bitching here instead of going through the proper procedures. And I hope your walk to the bank is worth it for a 20 dollars chargeback, could be even less but meh. PS: feedback system is meant for black market trades. So watch your 'negative feedback' get removed within hours. Feelsbadman
  12. Tohan

    Need a decent money making script

    Pretty sure it's the client, not the script but the gods orber was released 2 weeks ago and the scripter seems active, you'd probably want to try contacting him to see if an issue with his script or the client. Your refund will most likely be declined if you didn't contact him anyway
  13. Tohan

    My client status is bugged

    Exists for everyone, some hooks are probably down after the update again. .png[/IMG]
  14. Tohan

    My client status is bugged

    You're not VIP , you don't have the VIP PIP under your username, go to your bot manager and see if there's any bots running there. If there is, that's most probably what's preventing you from running another script, but there seems to be a problem of the login bot not working right now though.
  15. Tohan

    TRiBot Release 9.305_1 - Temporary Patch

    Not really, u can look around but I'd more than likely stay away from proxies which are highly used for rs botting, 1) You can never prove that it's a flagged proxy or not, 2) You cannot prove that the stated proxy is a virgin proxy, so it basically just goes down to what your budget are and what kind of things you are botting, if someone runs like 100 f2p bots they wont bother using unflagged proxies, even if they use virgin ones all of them will be flagged in a day anyway. PS: Everything stated is my personal opinion and is by no chance defaming any particular website/providers. Goodluck on finding your own provider :)!