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  1. Remarkablee

    Help setting up vps

    Add my Skype. Nudgerrr
  2. Quite fair suggestions. Same with obstacles for the player appearing practically right next to them upon teleporting into the abyss. Even if the obstacle is on screen it'll minimap click to it.
  3. I had this issue when my brother and I both ran bots here too. I PM'd TRiLez but did not receive a response or a solution. What I did was purchase a low end VPS until I felt the need to purchase VIP for multiple accounts. Other than that, I couldn't really offer any other advice. Or simply set up unattended access with Teamviewer at home, therefore you could still be botting and monitor it from work.
  4. Wait 15 - 30 minutes. It'll fix itself. Or try access the "Bot panel" and stop said instance there, although I'm not sure if this is VIP only.
  5. Remarkablee

    [R] Bank organiser

    There is an old bank organiser, however it's fairly outdated from what I could gather (or a lot of ID's / items just aren't supported). I tend to use it as a "template" kinda, as it will sort a lot of items in there. Then once it's done, just complete the rest yourself. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/931-xbankorganizer/ https://tribot.org/forums/topic/40632-xbankorganizer-organize-your-bank/page-2 Seems it's being updated, looking forward to it
  6. Remarkablee

    How do i stop VIP from recharging my account?

  7. Remarkablee

    Can a admin fix my account?

    @Aguacate 233962 Is your ID
  8. Remarkablee

    Can a admin fix my account?

    Your best bet at the moment would be trying to purchase a credit off of someone for RSGP, then get the VIP-e Trial. A quick fix until your issue is resolved anyway, less down time and whatnot.
  9. Remarkablee

    Can't use my script

    Is there somebody else in the household that uses TRiBot? I was experiencing this issue when I purchased a premium script without VIP a good while back, due to my brother having VIP and running multiple
  10. On the client, click the "view" tab and then "Account Manager". Myute beat me to it.
  11. Remarkablee

    TRiBot Release 9.229_0

    Seems it's also effecting warfront1's rune crafting script too.
  12. Remarkablee

    TRiBot Release 9.229_0

    Great news on all, especially the map and clicking. Cheers!
  13. Remarkablee

    After system update?

    Your email is showing in the tab, just saying.
  14. @warfront1 If the script did not randomly decide to stand still in the abyss just after entering for 10 seconds or more, my death toll would decrease rapidly. I used ExRunecrafter 1 hour free trial, my account did not die once when using it (so it isn't the account causing the problems, clearly). Anyway, I decided seeing as I couldn't get the abyss to function correctly. I thought I'd give master/slave a go. If I start the slave with nothing in the inventory, it just runs to the general store... Seeing as no actual setup is shown in the OP, what I've gone with is the same setup on slave and master. Each inv contains nats, noted p ess and coins. The slave will unnote the essence, travel to the altar, trade the Master.... And then, right click randomly on the trade screen over, and over, and over again. Currently at the end of my tether